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"City Memory Workshop" Invites You for A Culture-Exploring Tour 2019-09-20

China has long been known as the Kingdom of Fan Making. A delicate fan is usually the result of dozens of work procedures. A fan is the result of Chinese craftsmen's wisdom and the pride of Chinese traditional culture. To give all people, both Chinese and foreigners, a chance to know about this intangible cultural heritage, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism has invited Hangzhou Wang Xing Ji Fan to launch a fan culture journey in "City Memory Workshop" KFC Hall on September 22 and 27.


◆ Listen to the most interesting stories about fans and fan art;
◆ Make the most authentic antique folding fans;
◆ Feel the most classic Chinese traditional culture;
◆ Help to pass down the intangible cultural heritage;
◆ Travel back in time to a thousand year ago.


Several sessions of special course activities in "City Memory Workshop" in KFC Hall were successively held from late August and late September, during which, these courses have received a lot of favorable comments and positive learning experience feedbacks, hence, more courses will be given for fans at home and abroad who love fan culture, read on to learn more…


Information About Special Courses


Fan Art Decoration


Time: 10:30-11:30;15:00-16:00 on Sept. 22, 2019 (Sunday) and Sept. 27, 2019 (Friday)
Content: Professional fan art decoration instructors will lead participants to the new area of fan art and do fan art decoration.
Number of participants: five to eight people per session
Fee: special price at 160 CNY (market price: 220 CNY) and you can take your work home.

Besides the abovementioned special courses, Hangzhou Wang Xing Ji Fan will also conduct interactive display of fan art and culture in a public welfare way at other times (10:00 - 19:30) on Sept. 22 and 27. If you are interested, you are more than welcomed to come and the fee is the same as that of a special course.


Registration Need-to-Know
1.Scan the following QR Code to follow the official WeChat Account of Hangzhou Social Resources International Tourism Demonstration Point, register through the Wechat menu "City Memory Workshop 城市记工坊" or leave a message in the WeChat account (the message should contain the following information, name + nationality + telephone + number of participants + name of course that you'd like to take).
2.Special courses are available on a first-come-first-served basis, while the quota for fan art and culture interactive demonstration is not limited, the more, the merrier.
3.The address of KFC Experience Hall: 2/F Beishan Restaurant, KFC, Hangzhou (85-87, Beishan Road)

Registration Channel

Introduction of Wang Xing Ji


Wang Xing Ji Fan was originally founded in 1875 during the Guangxu's Reign of the Qing Dynasty. It has a long historical standing and profound culture, and is a noted Chinese old-branded enterprise, a state-level protection and demonstration center of intangible cultural heritage production, and a Zhejiang provincial industrial tourism demonstration center. The fans produced by Wang Xing Ji are known for their fine craftsmanship, various types of functions, elegant and exquisite appearance and cultural connotation. Along with Hangzhou silk, Longjing Green Tea, Wang Xing Ji Fan is reputed as one of the top three specialties of Hangzhou and its name was spread wide and far. It used to be a tribute served to imperial courts in ancient times and was gifts for headers of state and business elites during 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit.


Based on its intangible cultural heritage, the company has created the first Chinese old-branded cultural and creative industrial park in China and built the fan culture and tourism park. In the park, there are fan making observation workshop, fan museum, multi-media DIY fan making studio and fan art products demonstration and sales center. Visitors to the park can not only see all sorts of dazzling exquisite fans such as black paper fan, ivory fan, sandalwood fan and feather fan, but also can participate in all sorts of fan art-related activities, for example experiencing dozens of fan making procedures.


Special Experience Items


Fan Making DIY Activity: materials and tools for fan making are provided and under the instruction of fan making masters, every participant can try hands at making a fan and bring it home.

Master Teaching Fan Painting Activity: Face-to-face time with fan painting master.
Time Travel Experience Activity: Choose a favorite ancient costume and experience the most interesting fan art show.

Address: 118, Changban Lane, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou 杭州下城区长板巷118号
Telephone: +86 571 88376201


Information from Hangzhou Social Resources International Tourism Demonstration Point 杭州社会资源国际旅游访问点

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