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Broaden Your Horizons in Hangzhou Culture Expo 2019-09-20

This September, the 13th Hangzhou Culture Expo will be held from Sept. 19 to 23 with a theme of "Creative City · Connecting the World". During the expo, an abundance of cultural and creative exhibits will be on display.




The 13th Hangzhou Culture Expo

Venue: Binjiang District, Baima Lake International Conference and Exhibition Center
Time: Sept. 19 to 23, 2019
(9:00-23:00 from Sept. 19 to 22; 9:00-12:00 on Sept. 23 )




01 Over 70 National Arts and Crafts Masters' Works and 70 sq m Seal On Display


During the expo, over 70 fine works from 30 national arts and crafts masters will be on display in the expo and Xiling Seal-Engravers' Society Group will also show the world for the first time the 70-square-meter seal to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.


02 Museums and Cultural and Creative Industries

Together, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Shanghai Museum and Nanjing Museum will build the exhibition area of the museums of the Yangtze River Delta.

Besides China Tea Museum and Xiling Seal-Engravers' Society, there are also Zhejiang Red Sandalwood Art Museum which joined the expo for the first time and content about Liangzhu intangible culture.


03 Global Culture and Creative Enterprises Gather in Hangzhou


It's an international exhibition. More than 400 organizations from 53 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, Italian clothing and food, English afternoon tea, African handicrafts, etc..


04 Creative Farm Products

The original plain-looking farm products and farms integrate fashionable and artistic elements after being elegantly packed, which will surely impress you all.


There are even devices with their own olfactory experience taking you to walk in orchards, gardens, etc. You can also wear a pair of VR glasses to create an immersive effect, which is even more thrilling than a 4D movie.



Nearby bus stops:
South Baima Lake (pinyin: bai ma hu nan; simplified Chinese: 白马湖南 ); Changhe (pinyin: chang he; simplified Chinese: 长河) East Tangjia Bridge (pinyin: tang jia qiao dong; simplified Chinese: 汤家桥东)

Available buses: A. South Baima Lake (124, 1503, 1507), B. Changhe (114, 124, 1503, 1507), C. East Tangjia Bridge (137, 177)


Subway Stations:
Binkang Road (pinyin: bin kang; simplified Chinese: 滨康), Jiangli Road(pinyin: jiang li; simplified Chinese: 江陵路); Xixing (pinyin: xi xin; simplified Chinese: 西兴); Binhe Road (pinyin: bin he; simplified Chinese: 滨河路)



*Note: The departure frequency of the bus to Baima Lake will be adjusted according to the number of passengers, especially on September 21 and 22, which are weekends, and the shift will be adjusted accordingly according to the actual situation.


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