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Running with the Night 2019-09-20

When nigh falls, it means that it's time to go out to run. After running, you will feel relaxed and refreshing, which is so much better than snuggling on a couch watching TV, and Hangzhou, with its extraordinary night views, guarantees you a great running experience every day.


Wentao Road 闻涛路


You must have heard about this road. It is an internet-famous running track situated in Binjiang District. A lot of people choose to come here to work out in the evening. Here, you can run with the company of unrivaled night views of Qiantang River, the largest river in Zhejiang Province.

7.4 kilometers in length, the running track runs westwards and has several entrances. You can any one of them to start your run.

Xianghu Lake 湘湖


West Lake is beautiful and famous in all senses, but it's always swamped with tourists. As the sister lake of West Lake, Xianghu Lake's night views are also worth seeing. The night here is tranquil, making the place an ideal place for a night run or night cycling.


You can get off at the station of Xianghu of subway line one and jog along Fengqing Avenue (风情大道), Yuewang Road (越王路), Kuahu Bridge (跨湖桥) and Xianghu Road (湘湖路) to appreciate the elegant romance of Xianghu Lake on summer nights.

Fudi Causeway 福堤


Fudi Causeway in the Xixi National Wetland Park is 2300 meters in length. It traverses through the entire Xixi National Wetland Park. It boasts of great eco-environment and fresher than fresh air, and is even more beautiful when illuminated by lights at night than in the daytime. Fudi Causeway features tarmac pavement, suitable for running. However, it is located in a relatively remote location from the city center, so it's highly recommended to run with companies in early evening.


Qianjiang New City 钱江新城


By running along the route, runners will pass such skyscrapers as GTLand Plaza, Citizen Center, see the lush green Forest Park and water and bridges from time to time, and appreciate the splendid Qianjiang New City Light Show form the City Balcony. It is truly an extraordinary running route.


Route: Sanxin Road (三新路)→Zhijiang East Road (之江东路)→Qingjiang Road (清江路)→Fuchun Road (富春路)


Autumn begins and Hangzhou is getting cool. It's time to go out and discover the beauties of Hangzhou.

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