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Walking Away Is Easy, But With You, I Choose To Stay 2019-09-20

Hangzhou, a city long known for its picturesque scenery;
Hangzhou, the then ancient capital of China;
Every day, there are people choosing to stay;
Every day, there are people choosing to walk away.


Chinese people often say "choose a city to grow old." The city you choose to stay often defines your way of living, that is, your lifestyle. The season of graduation just ended, and with hope and enthusiasm, many people chose to stay in this ancient yet dynamic city.


Have you ever asked yourself the question "Why did you choose to stay in Hangzhou?" Is any of the following the reason?

Pleasant Scenery

West Lake is one of the most impressive impressions people had of Hangzhou. In the city's one-thousand-year history, the West Lake has played an important role along the way. The scenery of West Lake features hills beyond hills, a lake within a lake, a scene outside a scene, and a garden inside a garden. All scenes in all seasons are pleasing to both the eye and the mind. In spring, pink peach blossoms and green willow trees contend in beauty. Summer sees lotuses and pomegranates flourish. The autumn air is heavy with delightful fragrance of sweet osmanthus. Winter sweets bloom like yellow-jade flowers blowing, while auspicious snow falls down like jade-white flowers flying.

Palatable Food


In old times, on the West Lake, poets drank and composed poems to hold splendid boat banquets; At current times, on the banks of the West Lake, you can taste numerous palatable food, the best in the world.

Besides home cooking of strong Jiangnan Region lifestyle, there are improved long-standing dishes, which collect the most authentic flavor of Hangzhou.

Developed Transportation


Standing at the south end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Hangzhou benefited greatly from the developed transportation and has made itself an important business hub in history.

Today, the subway lines extending in all directions make people's travel even more convenient.

Convenient Life


"Mobile Payment for Everything!" To get around Hangzhou, all you need is to bring your cell phone. Through mobile payment, you can pay for everything, meals, transportation, shopping, etc.

Hangzhou flourished in ancient times;
Today's Hangzhou is more prosperous than ever and life is also more convenient.


Hangzhou is a city where you can pursue your dreams;
To choose to stay is to choose opportunities and challenges.


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Why do you choose to stay in Hangzhou?
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