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Four Ways to Explore Hangzhou at Night 2019-09-20

Hangzhou at night is just as beautiful as in the daytime and enhanced by lights, it is even more dazzling. On sweltering summer days, let's try the following four ways to explore Hangzhou at night and embrace its charming night views.



Night Cruise

▶ West Lake Night Cruise


There are different boat types and cruise routes for West Lake Night Cruise. The ticket office of the quaint "Baoshi (pinyin:bao shi; simplified Chinese: 宝石)" and "Lanyi (pinyin: lan yi; simplified Chinese: 兰栧)" cruise boats is at the wharf of Children's Palace (少年宫); that of "Quanrao (pinyin: quan rao; simplified Chinese: 荃桡)" dragon boat and bar boat is at No. 5 Lakeside Park; that of painted boats is at the wharf of No. 2 Lakeside Park; that of self-driving boats is at the wharf of the Broken Bridge.

Hours: 18:00-18:30 to 21:00-21:30

Price: 50 CNY to 90 CNY


▶ Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Night Cruise


People always find it entertaining to take a leisure boat to cruise along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, which is illuminated by colorful lights. Set sail from the wharf of Wulinmen (pinyin: wu lin men; simplified Chinese: 武林门), reach the terminal Gongchen Bridge — No. 1 Ancient Bridge of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in Jiangnan Region and then return.

Hours:  19:00、19:30、20:20

Price: 100 CNY per person


▶ Qiantang River Night Cruise


Sail from the wharf of Binjiang (pinyin: bin jiang; simplified Chinese: 滨江) to enjoy the views of Qianjiang New City illuminated by lights and colors. The wharf of Binjiang is situated at the Binjiang Park at the junction of Wentao Road (pinyin: wen tao lu; simplified Chinese: 闻涛路) and Jianghan Road (pinyin: jiang han lu; simplified Chinese: 江汉路) in Binjiang District, Hangzhou.

Hours: 19:15 and 20:20 every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

Price: 120 CNY to 200 CNY


▶ Xin'an River Night Cruise


Jiande City's first large luxury dining boat "Dreamlike Seventeen" has recently set its sail. The new cruise starts from the wharf of Shuangjiang Street (pinyin: shuang jiang jie; simplified Chinese: 双江街) and takes about two hours. During the cruise, people can enjoy band performance, intoxicating scenery on the banks of the river and the Xin'an River's light show.

August 16: 258 CNY per person including one "Dreamlike Seventeen” boat ticket and one buffet dinner on the boat

Fantastic Performances

▶ Enduring Memories of Hangzhou


By retaining the major contents of the original performance in G20 Summit Hangzhou, the creative team of "Enduring Memories of Hangzhou" has refined parts of the performance and uses multiple art forms including music, dance and visual effects to display an updated version to the world.

Hours: 19:45, 21:15

Price: 360 CNY to 680 CNY


▶ Qiandao Lake · Water of Spirit


Guided by the colorful and dazzling ancient culture of Chun'an, the new version of Qiandao Lake · Water of Spirit shows the culture and history of Qiandao Lake. It is the landmark performance demonstrating the historical changes of Qiandao Lake.

Hours: 20:00

Price: 280 CNY per person and 100 CNY per person for Chun'an locals with the presence of a valid ID card

Water Fun

▶ Hangzhou Lang Lang Lang Water Park


Speaking of water parks, there is a wide selection in East China, but Hangzhou Lang Lang Lang Water Park stands out from the rest for its unique characteristics and charms. Adjacent to Hangzhou Paradise Park, Hangzhou Crazy Appleland, the water park is fully equipped with No. 1 World Hotel, Yunman Hot Spring, etc. Here, you can fully enjoy yourself.


Hours: 10:30 to 21:00 from Monday to Thursday; 10:30 to 22:00 on Friday; 10:00-22:00 on Saturday; 10:00 to 21:00 on Sunday

Price: 100 CNY to 160 CNY


▶ Qiandao Lake Water-Sprinkling Festival


This year's water-sprinkling festival integrates such elements as water screen movies and light shows to create a hot spot for night fun. The festival takes place in the Xiushui Street at the tourist wharf of Central Lake Area of Qiandao Lake.

Hours: from 19:00 to 20:30 until August 28

Price: 40 CNY per person; 20 CNY per person for children from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters and 10 CNY per person local citizens by presenting a valid ID

Museum and Park

▶ Hangzhou Handicrafts Demonstration Pavilion


During summer vacation, the business hours of Hangzhou Handicrafts Museum will be extended to 20:30. Here, people can experience a variety of traditional intangible techniques and skills, for example, bow and arrow, flute and xiao (a vertical bamboo flute), etc. It also introduces the unlimited use cards for handicrafts courses for people to try hands at making handmade folded fans, nail paintings, sand bottles, etc..

Hours: 17:00 to 20:30 until October

Price: prices varies from project to project


▶ Xixi Night Cruise · Lotus Pond in the Moonlight


Take a battery boat to the center of the island in Hongyuan Garden in Xixi National Wetland Park to view the lotus flowers in the moonlight at close range. There is also an abundance of activities available: there is a fun-themed market in Long She Zhui (龙舌嘴), tea art performances in Dongguan Lotus Pond · Buyun Pagoda (东关荷塘·步云塔), performances of folk song and folk music in Dongguan Lotus Pond · Buyun Pagoda (东关荷塘·染心亭), "Book of Clouds and Dreams" which uses projection technology to combine water and mists, and to show the scene of butterflies dancing in the wharf of Dongguan Lotus Pond.

Hours: 18:30 to 21:30 every Friday and Saturday until September 7

Price: 60 CNY per person

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