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One of the Kind in Hangzhou 2019-08-12

Recently, Xiajiang Village (下姜村), Fengshuling Town, Chun'an County, was listed among the first batch of national key villages of rural tourism by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Development and Reform Commission. It is also the only village being listed on the list in Hangzhou.


Xiajiang Village has a history of more than 800 years. Head westwards along the highway around Qiandao Lake, pass through a sea of rapeseed flowers, and you will find Xiajiang Village, which is about 41 kilometers away from Qiandaohu Town. Looking ahead, you will see a stretch of emerald-green water flowing through the village with three-storey white-walled and black-tiled residential houses flanking it. A covered bridge leisurely crosses the water and connects people on both sides of the river.

Xiajiang Village, in ancient times, used to be under the jurisdiction of Sui'an County. Xiajiang Village, Qiandao Lake features enchanting natural scenery. A zigzag river called Fenglin'gang divides the village into two parts, making it resemble a Tachi pattern. Here, mountains are covered with verdant forest; fields are packed with lush green plants; residential houses are proportionally arranged; and villagers live leisurely, forming a beautiful village painting featuring the harmony between men and nature.


At present, there are 23 residential houses in the village, including two boutique B&Bs, "Jiujiu B&B Langqiao Xiyu (久久民宿廊桥溪语)" and "Qi She (栖舍)", with a total of 398 beds. Here, you can experience making Mazi, Zongzi, Miguo, collecting honey, cattle farming, canyon riding, water entertainment and other agricultural activities.

In order to enrich tourism, explore and promote intangible cultural heritage such as traditional handicraft, the village has launched iron shops, bamboo workshops and Lion City Wine Workshops one after another. From 2011, Xiajiang Village initiated the construction of "Beautiful Village, Happy Xiajiang" and "Prosperous and Beautiful Xiajiang" and by combining with Xiajiang Village's construction of 3A Scenic Area, the village aims to build itself into an attraction-like village. The current Xiajiang Village features green mountains and clear water, resembling a painting with a theme of "happily living among mountains", and villagers live happily and chase their own dreams.


The misty Fenglin Port River, the ancient lounge bridge and the white-walled houses with black tiles witness the past and present of the countryside. Xiajiang Village tells a moving story of "Green Water and Mountains Are Gold and Silver Mountains". It reshapes the spiritual home for the new generation of farmers and makes their dreams come true and continue.

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