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Stone Forest Scenic Area Listed "Top Summer Resort of Zhejiang" 2019-09-20

Situated on the coast of the East China Sea, Zhejiang is connected by waterways and surrounded by mountains and waters and features warm and rainy climate. It has bred a wide variety of climatic resources, including some favorable and cool summer resorts. In order to meet people's demands for a better life, and to explore climate resources and develop green summer economy, Zhejiang Meteorological Bureau has selected 100 summer resorts in Zhejiang and Qiandao Lake Stone Forest Scenic Area is among them.


Huang Haifeng, Secretary of Chun'an County Party Committee, pointed out in his speech that Qiandao Lake Stone Forest was one of the first pilot towns of sports and leisure characteristics in China and a summer resort worthy of the fame. There is clear water, peculiar-shaped rocks, steep cliffs, ancient roads, mysterious caves and other unique natural landscapes. Also, the average temperature of Qiandao Lake in summer is 23.5℃.  Its natural beauty and favorable weather and environment all make it an ideal summer resort.

Introduction to the Stone Forest


Summer Resort - Qiandao Lake Stone Forest Scenic Area: Located in Shilin (Stone Forest) Town, Chun'an County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Stone Forest Scenic Area consists of Lan Yu Ping, Daimao Ridge and Xi Shan Ping, and is characterized by strange rocks, steep cliffs, ancient roads, mysterious caves. There are towering peaks, layers upon layers of peaks and knolls, hoodoos of strange shapes, such as "A Lion and A Elephant Guarding the Gate", "Pigsy Exploring Road", "Jade Rabbit Welcoming Guest" and "White Cloud Ancient Road". The pictographic and unusual stone landscape is known as "the Top One Stone Forest in East China".


The Stone Forest Scenic Area, with a forest coverage of 96%, features excellent air quality throughout the year (the concentration of negative oxygen ions is more than 5000/cubic centimeter), an annual average temperature of 14.7℃ and a summer average temperature of 23.5 C. It is an excellent summer resort with great amusement, experiencing and accommodation conditions and facilities.


There is a sequoia tree from the cuttings of the two American sequoias in West Lake planted by Nixon and Premier Zhou Enlai during Nixon's visit to China in 1972. Because of the suitable climate in the Stone Forest Scenic Area, the child sequoia tree has grown faster than its mother tree, which is an important witness to the friendship between China and the United States.


Which place is cool for summer? Which place has the freshest air? Which place is more beautiful on rainy days? Of course, it's the summer paradise - Qiandao Lake Stone Forest Scenic Area!

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