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Airplane Theme Restaurant, Best Plane Food Ever! 2019-11-06

One more internet-famous restaurant hits Hangzhou. The restaurant offers guests not only tasty food from all over the world, but also an opportunity to experience the supreme airplane VIP services. It is called Hedila Airplane Theme Restaurant. With a giant airplane head, boarding signs, beautiful stewardesses and ceilings resembling the clear starry sky, the details in the restaurant is exactly the same as on a real airplane.


Both waitresses and waiters of the restaurant are dressed in flight attendants' uniforms. It gives people an illusion that they are boarding a real plane while walking into the restaurant with a "stewardess" ushering them in.


Even the restaurant's bar is packed with elements of airplane: airplane turbine engine, side scuttles with vivid views of white clouds and azure sky, and flight information board… all are elaborately arranged to make the dining experience unique.


The decorations of the restaurant are well planned, including 1:1 portion alien statues, aircraft rocket, airport signboard, three-dimensional hand painting in front of the airplane head … The effect these decorations produce is so good that most people are unable to resist the temptation of having photos taken with them.

The Airplane Theme Restaurant is divided into three zones, first-class cabin, business-class cabin and airport waiting area.

Business-Class Cabin


The comfortable seats and signs on the ceilings are similar to what's on a real airplane. The restaurant is shaped like an airplane and looking inside through the side scuttles, people can see clearly the interior of the restaurant. The dining experience in the restaurant is like dining in the mid-air and the only difference is that the food here is unparalleled. The restaurant is also very sweet that guests can adjust the distance between the seat and the table according to their preferences and there is a universal charging panel available near the window.


First-class Cabin


Besides the exclusive private space, in the first-class cabin are also set with private rooms for couples. By draw the curtain, you will have all the room to you and your beloved.


Airport Waiting Area


Have you ever tried to dine in a place half the size of a football pitch? By sticking to the original decoration style of Helida Airplane Theme Restaurant, the restaurant is spacious and is surrounded by ceiling-to-floor windows. In the evening, you can have a glass of red wine and listen to the melodious music and beautiful song by Ukrainian beauties to leisurely enjoy the moment


Borderless Delicacies

/Big Tomahawk Steak/

The restaurant's signature dishes are Western food and fruitwood steaks. Both their appearance and taste are good. The freshly-baked steak is brown and lightly charred on the outside, and juicy and tender inside. Steaks here are served in generous portions. With a knife cutting down, the meat juice oozes out and the tantalizing meat fragrance permeates the air, instantly awakening people's appetite for more.

/Turkish Signature Steak/

It's said that a cow can only produce six portions of this kind of steak. The steak tastes the best when it is medium-well. In that way, it tastes tender and sweet and tastes good even without dipping sauces.

/Australian Snowflake Steak/

The restaurant picks super-grade snowflake beef and the breeding process of cows lasts for eighteen months. The boneless beef chops are from the rib ridge, i.e. the lean meat from the parts between the 6th and 7th ribs, best for barbecuing. Just a bite and you will feel its freshness and tenderness, leaving you with a mouthful of pleasant aftertaste.

/Curry Prawns/

The curry is used appropriately which enhances the taste of the dish without taking away the freshness and sweetness of seafood.

/Signature Sea Urchin Fried Rice/

Fried rice with its familiar taste and everlasting warmth, is can be described as the most touching. Sea urchins, on the other hand, taste fresh and sweet without being fishy. The combination of the two is really a match made in heaven!

/Kids Meal /

Airplane-styled fried rice is well received among children and is not something that can be found everywhere.

/Lunch Package/

The Hedila cost-effective lunch package is from 38 yuan and offers a wide selection, Chinese delicacies, Western food, Japanese food and Thai food, enough for you to eat for a month without repetition. Also, there are also stewed soups, coffee and fruit salad given for free.

/Fancy Dim Sum/
The internet-famous Shar-pei chocolate mousse ice cream is also available in the restaurant.


The moment people step into Helida Airport Theme Restaurant, they will feel the joy of dining in an airplane. The only difference is that the dining experience is more comfortable and yummy.


Get your plane ticket ready and let's board the plane …

Address: No. 3072 Shop, 3/F California Sunshine Square, No. 333 Jincheng Road, Xiaoshan District萧山区金城路333号加州阳光广场三楼3072商铺

Hours: 9:00 – 23:00

Price: 60 yuan to 80 yuan per person


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