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Kayaking, Rafting, Swimming Pool Carnival from Day to Night 2019-08-01

Qiandao Lake in summer has many to offer and to enjoy the coolness of water in the lake and mountain streams are must-have. We did a thorough research ahead of time and hereby have collected a complete water fun guide of Qiandao Lake for you! Read on to learn more...

Qiandao Lake Water Fun Guide


[Accommodation] New Century Resort Qiandao Lake
[Water Fun One] Enjoy Yourself in Swimming Pools
[Water Fun Two] Kayak War
[Water Fun Three] Mountain Stream Rafting

[Accommodation] New Century Resort Qiandao Lake

New Century Resort Qiandao Lake is located in Qilin Peninsula of Qiandao Lake. Although adjacent to Xiushui Square, it is quiet in the noisy neighborhood, surrounded by lake water on three sides and covered with lush vegetation. If you want to enjoy the coolness of water in summer, it is undoubtedly a good place for leisure and vacation.


The hotel has complete facilities, including a 1,400 square meter City of Joy where children of preschool age and adults can find places to play. The indoor constant temperature swimming pool is a good place to have a water battle with friends or family without getting sunburnt, while the outdoor giant infinity swimming pool is the best choice for summer fun where you can feel the coolness of Qiandao Lake water from day to night. In addition, the hotel's yacht dock is equipped with independent yachts and speedboats. If tired of staying in the hotel, why not take the yacht and ride on the crest of the waves on the lake!


In addition, the hotel also contains recreational wharf and yacht wharf. Whether you choose a recreational round boat or a kayak, you will have a great time surfing and playing with water.


[Water Fun One] Enjoy Yourself in Swimming Pools


The resort has two swimming pools, an indoor one and an outdoor one. The indoor constant temperature swimming pool is open all the year round and has its own children's swimming pool. Thus, children of all ages can safely enjoy water fun. The outdoor infinity swimming pool has been open already, which means that the hottest time of summer has come.


[Water Fun Two] Kayak War

In addition to swimming pools, in the summer of Qiandao Lake you shouldn't miss a kayak war. To play with friends in groups of two or four kayaks or recreational round boats or simply take your parents and children, ride on a yacht together to experience the cool summer and the splendid scenery of Qiandao Lake.

[Water Fun Three] Mountain Stream Rafting


Which place is the coolest in hot summer? Of course, mountain streams are the coolest. So, how can we miss a mountain stream rafting while in Qiandao Lake? Qiandao Lake is famous for many islands, but it cannot be neglected that the mountains of Qiandao Lake are also very beautiful. The place is mainly dominated by hills, mountains that are not high, and many little streams and springs hidden among the mountains. In the shade of green trees, many exciting stream drifting venues have been developed. Rafting and screaming with friends here is the best way to experience the sweltering summer days.

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