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Watching Stars and the Moon in Hangzhou's Superb Campsites 2019-09-19

Now is a good time to go camping. We have made a list of great campsites around Hangzhou for you to choose from.




01 Daming Mountain

Daming Mountain has a beautiful alpine meadow and reeds are seen everywhere. Here, with gurgling streams, high mountains and deep valleys, it is very cool here in summer and an ideal place for a summer camping event.


Address: Daming Mountain Scenic Area, Baiguo Mountain, Qingliangfeng Town, Lin’an District, Hangzhou City


02 Yunhe Highland Campsite


Yunhe terraced fields in Zhejiang Province are the most beautiful terraced fields in China. It offers charming and poetic pastoral painting-like views in all four seasons.


Address: Xiayang Block in Yunhe Terrace Scenic Area, Chongtou Town, Yunhe County, Lishui City


03 Kuocang Mountain

On Kuocang Mountain, there is the fourth largest wind power plant in the country. With the background of the gorgeous natural landscape, the wind turbines, which constantly rotate against the wind, will accompany you to enjoy stars all over the sky on a quiet night.

Address: Kuocang Mountain Scenic Area, Kuocang Town, Taizhou




01 Tianchi, Western Zhejiang


It is also known as "No. 1 Pool in the South of the Yangtze River". Located on the 1000-hectare mountain top of Zhexi Grand Canyon, it is an important part of Qingliangfeng Nature Reserve. Here, not only can you see the beautiful sunset, but also can quietly gaze at stars.


Address: In the grand canyon of Longgang Town, Lin’an District, Hangzhou


02 Lin’an Qingshan Lake


"Trees grow in the water, boats sail in the woods, birds sing in the branches, and people are like walking in a landscape painting." The Qingshan Lake formed by the accumulated water of Tianmu is like an emerald inlaid in the verdant mountains, and there are more than one million square meters of rare domestic water forest.


Address: Qingshan Town, Lin’an District


03 Fuyang Xinsha Island


Xinsha Island is an island in the center of Fuchun River. The island has not only the largest natural freshwater swimming pool in East China, a barbecue village that can accommodate over a thousand people, a 300-meter-long Metasequoia Avenue, but also a "special road" for bullock carts. Xinsha Island covers about 10 mu of poplar forest, which is a special camping area.


Address: Fuchun River Center, Fuyang District


04 Fushi Reservoir, Anji


Fushi Reservoir, known as "the first reservoir in the north of Zhejiang Province", is surrounded by beautiful mountains and clean water, as if it were isolated from the rest of the world.


Address: 20 km west of Dipu Town, Anji County, Huzhou


RV Campsites


01 Hangzhou Xixi Snail RV Camp


Small home, big dream. The camp is named "snail", precisely because snails take their own home with them everywhere they go, and the RV advocates "house in traveling". Camping in Xixi Wetland will certainly bring a different experience.


Address: No. 8, Fangxi Road, Xixi Wetland West District, Yuhang District, near Wuchang Avenue (Xixi Wetland Business Circle)


02 Qiandaohu Jiangjia Town RV Camping Base


It's the first car camp in Zhejiang! It provides 150 to 180 campsites which are divided into small trailer campsites, self-driving campsites and wooden house campsites. In order to ensure that all campers can have a good leisure environment and a better view of the landscape, each campsite is independent!


Address: Jiangjia Town of Qiandaohu is close to Longchuan Bay Scenic Spot and Chunkai Highway, located on the side of Chunkai Highway, only 40 kilometers away from Qiandaohu Town.


03 Wenzhou Nanxi River International RV Camping Base


The RV Camping Park is located in the core area of Nanxi River, relying on natural mountains and rivers. 30 RV parking spaces are separated from each other by shrubs. Each parking space has reserved space for barbecue and supporting facilities. There are movable wooden houses, wooden railings over 400 meters long and square stones paved paths. The whole park has a unique landscape and unique style. The architectural style fully demonstrates the charm of Nanxi River.


Address: West Bank Village, Yantou Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou

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