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High Time and Great Places to Enjoy the Beauty of Lotus 2019-09-19

Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (simplified Chinese: 曲院风荷; pinyin: qu yuan feng he), one of the ten scenic views of West Lake in Southern Song Dynasty, is one of the largest special lotus gardens in China. In the garden are grown over 50 kinds of lotus flowers. Here, you are able to see the spectacular view of “The emerald lotus leaves reach as far as where water and skies meet, and lotus blossoms bathing in sunshine exhibit a distinctive dazzling pink”, which is vividly depicted in a renowned Chinese poem.


In addition to Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden, other lotus fields in the West Lake have also seen stretches of green lotus leaves, among which flowers are about to bloom. If you are into lotus flowers, the following places around the West Lake are great places to view them.


In lotus area of the Broken Bridge (simplified Chinese: 断桥; pinyin: duan qiao), the main variety is Red Lotus of West Lake, which has bright red flowers and beautiful flowers. It is one of the main varieties of West Lake lotus with a long history.


Lotus Area in "Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake" (simplified Chinese: 平湖秋月; pinyin: ping hu qiu yue) , which is the largest part of the West Lake Lotus Area, offers a broader view than other areas. The main varieties here are West Lake Red Lotus and Jiande Red Lotus.


In Hou Gushan (simplified Chinese: 后孤山;pinyin: hou gu shan) lotus area, the lotus here has the water of the West Lake as the background and is beautiful from any angle. The lotus species here is West Lake Red Lotus. In 2016, the twin lotus flowers on one stalk was discovered in the area for the first time in decades.


Beishan Street (simplified Chinese: 北山街;pinyin: bei shan jie) lotus area stretches westwards for 600 meters from No. 36 Beishan Street to the end of Hangzhou The New Hotel. The Lotus Area here is one of the best places for photography because of its large area, concentrated planting and a wide variety. The main varieties are Xuanwuhu Red Lotus and Jiande Red Lotus.


Xiaochen Villa (simplified Chinese: 小陈庄; pinyin: xiao chen zhuang) lotus area, located in the southwest corner of Inner West Lake, where the variety is Huangwufei, a pale yellow lotus species introduced from Wuhan and officially planted in the West Lake in 2015. The lotus flowers are gentle and graceful when they are in full bloom, particularly eye-catching.


If you want to enjoy the lotus quietly, then Turtle pool (simplified Chinese: 乌龟潭; pinyin: wu gui tan) lotus area is your spot, where the main varieties are the Morning of dreams.

In addition, we can also appreciate the beauty of lotus flowers in the annual lotus exhibition.


The theme of this year's lotus exhibition is "Red Lotus and Green Leaves" - the 7th Hangzhou West Lake Lotus Exhibition


Time: 12 June-2 July
Venue: Guo's Villa
Address: No. 28 Yanggong Causeway (beside Wolong Bridge)

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