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Han Chinese Clothing Experience in the Dragon Boat Festival 2019-11-06

The Dragon Boat Festival can date back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It has a history of more than 2000 years.


The beauty of Dragon Boat Festival lies in the gentle wormwood standing quietly waiting for roosters waking up wormwood pickers in the morning.


The beauty of Dragon Boat Festival lies in the fragrant white and pink peony flowers blossoming particularly lively in this season.
The beauty of Dragon Boat Festival lies in the steaming soft glutinous rice dumplings that can satisfy taste buds.


The beauty of Dragon Boat Festival lies in the thousand-year-old Han Chinese clothing tradition which amazes the whole world and inherits the Chinese lifestyle.


It is a ritual that's been formed through thousands of years. Nowadays, we will wear Han Chinese clothing, wrap Zongzi (glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves), worship Qu Yuan and relive the romantic charm of traditional Chinese culture.


Experience Han Chinese Clothing


Han Chinese clothing has wakened up after sleeping for a thousand years. The traditional Chinese clothing represents the Chinese etiquette and inherits the pride of China. From headdress to dress, from clothing to makeup, Qiandao Lake Ahn Luh Resorts & Residences will provide you with intimate services.


Qiandao Lake Ahn Luh provides you with traditional festive atmosphere, and head-to-toe ceremony experience. Among the great mountains and waters of Ahn Luh, in white-walled and black-tiled houses, you can travel back in time and be an ancient Chinese during the Dragon Boat Festival.


Ancient Beauty

Taking Zhuo Wenjun (卓文君), Zhao feiyan (赵飞燕), Wang Zhaojun (王昭君), the three famous beauties and talented women in ancient China as prototypes, you will be styled on the scene (including clothing, hair and props) and photographed, and experience being the heroine of a time-travel drama and connect with the three famous ancient women.


In the Han Dynasty, Zhuo Wenjun was commended for her love for Sima Xiangru. A poem named "Song of the White-Haired" has been passed down. The popular sentence of "wish to win the heart of a person, and never separated even white-haired" indicated Zhuo Wenjun's loyalty to love.


Recommended Location: the gazebo on the west island of Qiandao Lake Ahn Luh Resorts


Zhao Feiyan is famous for her beauty, and her show-stopping dance in the world and her light and graceful figure. She practiced her dancing skills very hard so as to exceed all through which, she changed her fate.

Recommended Location: the gazebo on the hotel lobby


Wang Zhaojun is known as one of the four ancient beauties of China. It’s said that she was so beautiful that after seeing her, flying wild geese were attracted to her and forgot to flap their wings so as to fall from the sky.Hence, Wang Zhaojun was nickenamed “falling wild geese”.

Recommended Location: Hotel Lobby




Hold the hands of your BFF, travel through a thousand years and wish your friendship last forever.


Happy Family


The Chinese nation is a nation with fine ethics where family relations, children's education and support for parents have been well reflected since ancient times.


In this traditional festival for family reunion, the whole family can review the old adage together, carries forward the good manners and feels the wisdom of the ancients with children.


Innocence of Childhood Friends

Innocence can never perish;
Blooms as fair in looks that cherish
Dim remembrance of the days
When life was young, as in the gaze
Of youth himself all rosy-clad,
Whom but to see is to be glad.


Han Chinese Clothing and Photography


from June 7, 2019 to June 9, 10:00-17:00
Limit yourself to five sets a day


400 CNY per adult and 280 CNY per child (including clothing, styling and makeup). If photography is required, 280 CNY per theme will be charged (including nine professionally edited photos and all negatives).


Hotel guests can enjoy a discount of 50 percent off on the total cost.


Making Zongzi


Whether it is salty or sweet, it is always pleasant to eat a Zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival. If you can eat a personally-wrapped Zongzi, the Dragon Boat Festival will be more meaningful. Ahn Luh, Qiandao Lake, have arranged an interesting Zongzi-making class for the hotel guests during the Dragon Boat Festival. After the class, you can also take away the Zongzi wrapped by yourself and celebrate with your family.


Time: from 15:00 to 16:30 on June 7
Venue: Lake View All Day Restaurant
Fare: Free. Please contact the reception desk in advance for reservation


The traditional festival tells the emotional story of the Chinese people and has a resonance for the human world.

Address: No. 168, Lingyan Road, Jiangjia Town, Chun'an County
Telephone: +86 571 65050888

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