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When It's Dark, Come to the Night Markets in Hangzhou 2019-11-06
Nowadays, exploring is no longer limited to daytime. Experiencing the most authentic local life styles and customs at night is becoming more and more popular. So why not awaken the senses and visit a local night market?

Wulin Night Market
Wulin night market, 300 meters in size, is not large in scale but with a constant flow of nearby traffic and positioned adjacent to the West Lake, it’s always extremely busy. Wulin night market has not long been established but it is the most popular international night market in Hangzhou where many stall signs are written in a foreign language. Here you can buy clothes, accessories and jewelry as well as pastries, snacks and fruit. You can even have a manicure if time will allow.
Hefang Street

With antique buildings and row-upon-row of shops, Hefang Street is one of the landmarks of Hangzhou. At night, dotted with star-like bright lights, it transforms itself into a painted scroll. The night of Hefang Street is also full of traditional atmosphere. Various representative Hangzhou specialty products and unique handicrafts wait patiently to catch your eye. The perfect combination of ancient and modern is perfectly interpreted by Hefang Street. So why not join the stream of people and experience a brilliant night.
Wu Hill night market
Compared with the previous two, Wu Hill night market is more favored by locals. This is the oldest night market in Hangzhou. It is of a large scale and offers a wide range of products. Most of which are practical and as affordable as wholesale products. With stalls crisscrossing each other, it can take some time to shop around. Therefore, many young people have stated that when shopping here they retrieve the feeling and fun of shopping before the development of e-commerce and online shopping.
Xinshi Street night market
Xinshi Street night market is hidden in a residential area. Most of the people who come here are residents living nearby who enjoy a leisurely walk, a chitchat with the vendors, and buying products they like. There is no hustle and bustle here, but a steady pace of daily life that witnesses the older generation shaking fans and the younger ones playing happily with toys. The miniature of the city will deeply depicted in your mind unconsciously.
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