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Breathing the Freshest Air in Zhejiang 2019-08-01
The air pollution prevention and control office of the leading group for the construction of a beautiful Zhejiang Province recently announced the evaluation results of the 2018 clean air demonstration zones. Chun'an County and Jiande City in Hangzhou were rated as the first Zhejiang clean air demonstration zones.

What is the clean air demonstration zone?

"Fresh air demonstration zone" is divided into two levels of city and county. The evaluation is made once every year, with granting quota at or above the county level cities around 20% of the total respectively. The evaluation index includes six aspects of environmental air quality, annual task of defending the blue sky, construction of air pollution prevention, control system and mechanism, major atmospheric events, pure and fresh air level, media exposure of environmental problems. Both municipal and county-level "clean air demonstration zones" must meet the national level 2 standard for environmental air quality.

Qiandao Lake Forest Oxygen Bar

As for the most appropriate place in Chun’an to breathe fresh air and enjoy a day of fun, Qiandao Lake Forest Oxygen Bar is highly recommended. There are forest walk, forest bath, forest oxygen absorption, stream tracing, rock climbing, camping, forest specimen collection, environmental education exhibition hall, fishing center (400 acres of water), water sports center and other ecological tourism projects that fully show the elegant presence of nature; There are also mountain streams and waterfalls, mountain springs foot massage and fitness, courageous adventure, up the stream and the rapids gyre, mountain view, shouting and lung cleansing in mountain and other leisure sports.
Address: Danzhu Prince Mountain, Qiandao Lake Town (千岛湖镇淡竹王子山)

Green Lotus Pond Ancient Nanmu Forest Park

It is a 1500-year-old ancient ecological nanmu forest park with the largest area of ancient nanmu discovered so far in China. With dense shade, tall and straight nanmu, gurgling stream, rippling water, the surroundings are so quiet that one can only heard the sound of water. Choose a sunny day to do a free oxygen SPA in Jiande.
Address: Green Lotus Pond Forest Park, Jianshouchang Forest Farm (建寿昌林场绿荷塘林区内)
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Hangzhou's Eleven Unique Cultural Treasures2019-07-29
Recently, Zhejiang Tourism Bureau of Culture and Tourism has released the list of Zhejiang provincial culture and art centers, among which eleven are from Hangzhou.
Airplane Theme Restaurant, Best Plane Food Ever!2019-07-29
One more internet-famous restaurant hits Hangzhou. The restaurant offers guests not only tasty food from all over the world, but also an opportunity to experience the supreme airplane VIP services. It is called Hedila Airplane Theme Restaurant. With a giant airplane head, boarding signs, beautiful stewardesses and ceilings resembling the clear starry sky, the details in the restaurant is exactly the same as on a real airplane.
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