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Three Reasons to Visit Qiandao Lake in Spring 2019-04-18
Qiandao Lake boasts of enchanting views in all four seasons. It is, however, in spring, that the view is the most colorful...

First of all, spring is the best time to taste organic Qiandao Lake fish.

Why is Qiandao Lake organic fish more delicious than others?  It's the self-evident fact that Qiandao Lake provides an excellent ecological environment and first-class water for fishes to live in. For those not knowing, Qiandao Lake is the water source of China's famous bottled water brand, "Nongfu Spring", so it's fair to say that these fishes live in Nongfu Spring every day. Fishes grown in this environment taste tender and fresh without a flavor of mud. But there is another reason: every April, fishes in Qiandao Lake will be nourished with natural "tonic food", the pine pollen. Around the Qingming Festival (around April 5) every year, the islands in Qiandao Lake are full of masson pines which are covered with fragrant pine pollen. The pine pollen fallen into the lake with the wind will provide the fishes with natural and organic nutrition, making the Qiandao Lake fishes taste tenderer and smoother.
Secondly, Qiandao Lake is a sea of flowers in spring.

As a garden city, Qiandao Lake no longer has industrial production, and it pays special attention to its environmental protection. 

The streets and parks are decorated with flowers all year round. Flowers bloom time after time. For example, a street full of cherry blossoms or fruit trees has always been a lively scene. A constant stream of people chooses to come to Qiandao Lake to have their wedding photos taken among mountains and waters, enhanced with an assortment of seasonal flowers.
Thirdly, Qiandao Lake is an ideal place for cycling in spring.
Qiandao Lake is a tourist city. Cycling along the bank of the lake, you will see endless breathtaking scenery. 
It's no exaggeration to say that Qiandao Lake in spring is a colorful oil painting coming alive. It will be an unforgettable experience to cycle along the bank of Qiandao Lake while breathing the fresher than fresh air with flower fragrance and with warm breeze caressing your cheeks. Qiandao Lake's cycling greenway is built around the lake. Camping along the way is available so that you can have a good rest for the next journey.
Let's go to Qiandao Lake, to see the blue sky, to taste the fish, to view the roadside flowers, and recall the childhood memories.
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West Lake Customized Bus – Signature Sights at Every Stop2019-04-15
April is the best time to tour Hangzhou. Recently, Hangzhou has opened a new customized tourist bus route No. 9, which only runs on weekends from Hangzhou East Railway Station to West Lake Scenic Area. The customized bus is really a treasure route for touring West Lake, which has few passengers, but also very fast. Most important of all is that wherever you get off, you can have the most classic touring experience in Hangzhou.
Breathing the Freshest Air in Zhejiang2019-04-15
The air pollution prevention and control office of the leading group for the construction of a beautiful Zhejiang Province recently announced the evaluation results of the 2018 clean air demonstration zones. Chun'an County and Jiande City in Hangzhou were rated as the first Zhejiang clean air demonstration zones.
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