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Hangzhou’s Places in the Spotlight throughout the Year (1) 2019-09-19
Winter relates to cold, stagnancy and withering, but it’s not all bad news.

Daming Mountain(大明山)

While many people associate snow with winter, there are plenty of places to enjoy skiing as well as to see the stunning seasonal views, the best of which is no doubt the Daming Mountain, the largest alpine ski resort in eastern China.

To enjoy this sport, there is another place to anticipate, a new ski resort in Tonglu County, which is on track to commencing its operation. With an area of 100 thousands square meters, 1 primary ski slopes, 2 intermediate trails and 1 surfing trail, this place is bound not to disappoint. 


February witnesses the end of chilly winter and it’s also the best time to appreciate the most unusual plum blossoms.

Xixi Wetland Scenic Region(西溪湿地)

In Xixi Wetland Scenic Region, clusters of tiny flowers bloom marvelously in the breeze, emanating ostentatious honey-like fragrance and if snow falls, the scene looks much prettier. As the flakes float about, one can’t help but admit the beauty in the plum blossom field of the winter spell.

Chao Mountain Scenic District (余杭超山)
The best-known scenery in Chao Mountain Scenic District is the plum blossom scenic site, ten kilometres of beauty which once profoundly impressed countless Chinese poets. The plum blossoms in this area are famous for their ancientness, broadness and uniqueness, which make the whole mountain to be praised as “the Place with the Best Plum Blossoms”. During the blooming season, clusters of plum blossoms vie with each other for glamour and with their different-color flower buds, they all try to gain the spot light.

It’s the time of year when everything in nature is changing and promising new life and new hope.
March brings both heat and light after several months of harsh winter weather. It’s an amazing sensation to finally greet the powerful rays of warm sunlight against your winter-worn face and listen to the dripping of the eaves and the chirp of the birds, preferably in unison.

Prince Bay Park(太子湾公园)

Blossom is arguably a sign of winter receding as well as one of most iconic heralds of spring. Prince Bay Park, with a variety of flowers, is destined to be the most popular place to appreciate blossoms in Hangzhou. It’s best to enjoy dense clusters of blooming flowers before the subtle petals fall to the earth like nature’s own confetti.
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