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An Iconic Herald of Coming Warmer Days 2019-09-19
Peak season of plum blossoms begins from late January to February when late winter gives way to the spring season and warmer temperatures begin to take hold. To celebrate this incredible season and flower, 11th Chao Mountain Plum Blossom Festival opened days ago.

During this season, Chao Mountain, a place traveled by a myriad of Chinese scholars and poets throughout times, sees the dull and bare plum trees break out into a sea of marvelous blossoms. The festival, for more than ten years, has attracted countless spectators both home and abroad by its splendid show.

Plum Blossom Culture

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of finding a variety of plum blossoms such as passionate red, pure white and happy yellow, blooms marvelously to gain the spotlight in Chaoshan. The plum blossoms here are associated with numerous well-known Scholars in China, for example Kang Youwei and Yu Dafu, who once depicted the beauty of plum blossoms in this area.

This year, participants of the festival can fully appreciate the incredible scenery in different artistic forms, which includes picture-taking, painting, words depicting and singing.


Plum blossoms in Chao Mountain owns a very long history, which can be traced back to Later Jin Dynasty(936-947) and the place retains some ancient species of plum trees and a multitude of historic relics in connection with many ancient scholars. During the festival, a series of interactive scene plays will be staged to answer the questions of “why the mountain is called Chao Mountain?”, “what are stories between Wu Changshuo and the mountain?” and so on.

Despite the scene plays, the scenic region has also prepared other activities like lantern riddles guessing, plum blossoms sending and spring blessings for the Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival.


Date: From January to March
Price: ¥60 per person
Preferential Price: 1. ¥60 per person for local residents with one’s own ID Card or Citizen Card.
2. ¥30 per person for the aged between 60 and 69 years old and children whose height are between 1.2 to 1.5 meters. 3. Free entrance for the aged of more than 70 years old and children shorter than 1.2 meters.
Consulting Phone Number: +86-571—86311228
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