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Well-reputed Indian restaurant in Hangzhou 2019-09-19
In recent years, as Indian films have received more and more recognition and appreciation, Indian culture and food have also become popular in China. Hangzhou has many delicious Indian restaurants.
Tony’s house
Address: 1st Floor, Hongli Food City, Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University

In the past, it was just an unnamed small restaurant, and now becomes a favorite Indian restaurant for Zhejiang college students. National flags are hung in the restaurant to welcome friends from all over the world. The roast chicken with crispy skin and tender meat with vegetables and chips is a must for every table. Chicken Marsala with cream has a soft palate and is perfect for pizza.
No. 11, 4th Floor, Powerlong City Plaza, No. 3867 Binsheng Road, Binjiang District

The decoration of the restaurant is gorgeous, with special song and dance performances, it looks like Indian movies and is full of Bollywood style. Although the curry butter chicken is a small bowl, the ingredients are very rich and the taste is soft. Curry lamb is a classic Indian dish, with stewed succulent lamb and spicy curry.
217, 2nd Floor, Platinum Island Commercial Street, No. 1515 Jianghan Road, Jianggan District,

The restaurant has a unique name, its owner and the chef are Indians. Because the taste is more authentic, there are many Indians who come here to eat. The chicken tika is marinated in various spices and served with a dipping sauce made from cilantro, pepper and mint. The rich aroma is coming. Indian scones are thin and even, made in whole wheat, then cooked and buttered with coriander, and the taste is chewy.

No. 215 Jianguo South Road, Shangcheng District

Xindier is a small but warm Indian restaurant near Hangzhou Railway Station, with two layers, which is perfect for dating or gatherings with friends. The honey-boiled wings tastes like New Orleans' grilled wings, the skin is fragrant, the taste is sweet, and there is a hint of vanilla. Potato curry beef is a bit sweet and spicy, and is a perfect match with rice or scones.

Chak De Indian Restaurant
No. 202 Xinyifang, Gongshu District

This Indian restaurant has been in operation for more than a decade, and its boss and waiters are native Indians. The walls of the restaurant are very classic Indian decorative patterns, and outside the window is Chinese river view. Authentic Indian milk tea is full-bodied, sweet and full of ginger. Although the appearance of fried yoghurt is covered with spicy flavors and spices, the inside is refreshing and tasty.
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No.188, Fuchun Road, Hangzhou, China
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