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Thousand Island Lake – Summer’s perfect Companion 2019-09-19

During a summer vacation, one wishes for blue skies, clear waters, white clouds, yachts, rocky beaches, lighthouses, and golden sunsets, and nestled in the suburbs of this domestic city is a venue that ticks all the above. It is a private peninsula with trees, protruding rocks, clear waters, the private enjoyment of a natural oxygen bar of 37,000 square meters, a private yacht club and a water world.



The island's one and only five-star resort hotel——“Intercontinental One Thousand Island Lake Resort” is built near the lake, perfectly blending in with its surrounding nature. There are with rooms with a wide garden view, luxurious lake view, and parent-child rooms of an Ali theme as well as an infinity double swimming pool. This place really does have everything and should be on everyone’s list for the prefect summer vacation



To say that the water quality is good, Thousand Island Lake, is regarded as the production area of Nongfu Spring which can even be taken directly for drinking! Known as the “Mount Huaguo”, the envied mountain Peninsula occupies an excellent location in Thousand Island Lake, close to the Hangqian Expressway, and enjoys a wide range of high-quality waters, and is rich in water recreational facilities.Its beauty does not require much rendering. It is one of the top 10 most developed spots in the development of Thousand Island Lake. There are more than a dozen private attractions on the island, private docks, a water world, children's playground, infinity pool, rocky beach lighthouse, karaoke bar, four restaurants and farmhouse restaurants and so on. All kinds of entertainment facilities are available!



All you need to do is just come here and enjoy your vacation! Living in the envied mountain peninsula, you can enjoy the romantic colors of nature, the hydrophilic terrace, the exquisite garden, and sit back or relax in the infinity pool at your leisure. The mountains and the natural colors of Thousand Island Lake are integrated, the sky is blue, the lake is blue, and the white clouds linger making this summer’s perfect companion.Water sports is also a favorite of any summer vacation and the hotel's private water world has added many new facilities such as jet skis, banana boats, floating sofas, a flying trapeze experience, power skis, tail water skiing, water bikes, water bumper cars, and magic carpets.

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