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Step into 2018 from here … 2019-09-20
Xiaoshan in Hangzhou, a wondrous place in China’s Jiangnan Region, is overflowing in all sorts of enchanting mountain and water landscapes, and historical and cultural relics. It is also home to theme parks and venues, which have held international conferences. Xiaoshan is said to be the place where nature and human landscapes live in harmony, and where tradition and fashion infuse perfectly … So, why not start your first trip of 2018 by visiting Xiaoshan?

Xianghu Lake National Tourist Resort 湘湖国家旅游度假区

Xianghu Lake National Tourist Resort, which is among the first group of national tourist resorts, lies at the western side of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, 20 kilometers away from Hangzhou downtown. The lake is reputed as the sister lake of the noted West Lake and is renowned for its intoxicating scenery. Currently, the lake covers an area of 10.6 sq km, including the 3.2-sq km lake, 1,050,000-sq m lakeside landscape belts and fifty attractions.

Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park 杭州极地海洋公园

Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park is located inside Xianghu Lake National Tourist Resort. The core part of the park is the Hangzhou Polar Ocean World, which is the largest inland aquarium in the world, and one that boasts the most species of whales. The park is home to the most typical polar animals and applies the most advanced theme park designs and construction ideas which aim to gives visitors a chance to experience a magical polar ocean tour.

Hangzhou Oriental Culture Park 杭州东方文化园

Hangzhou Oriental Culture Park is at the confluence of the three rivers: Qiantang River, Fuchun River and Puyang River. It is an AAAA level tourist area and one of the Ten Best Theme Parks in China. The Park is arranged according to the Eight Diagrams with a 2728-meter-long culture corridor running through it. If you wish to know about Chinese culture in a fun way, then this park is the place to be.

Hangzhou Crazy Appleland 杭州烂苹果乐园

Hangzhou Crazy Appleland is the largest indoor high-tech child-parent amusement park in China and the only one of its kind in Eastern China. The park consists of ten dreamlike theme areas, infusing nearly one hundred world-leading high-tech interactive and experience projects. It is truly a happy world for both children and adults.

Hangzhou Yunman Hot Spring杭州云曼温泉

Situated inside the First World Hotel, Yunman Hot Spring is adjacent to Xianghu Lake, Hangzhou Paradise Park and is a hot spring paradise inside the prosperous metropolis. Known as Hangzhou Park Radon Hot Spring ten years ago, it has now returned upgraded with the five-star service of the First World Hotel and well-equipped holiday and leisure facilities, offering all visitors an unrivaled hot spring experience.
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