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Pay Attention! World Architecture Can be Visited Without Crossing the Borders 2019-09-19
As the temperature becomes more pleasant, people are already preparing their overseas travels, for instance, the visa, the tickets, the guides and so on. However, if you want to appreciate world architecture, without flying thousands of miles, then Hangzhou is the place to be.

European Classical Style: Former Site of Zhejiang Xingye Bank

Former Site of Zhejiang Xingye Bank

The Zhejiang Xingye Bank Former Site, built in 1923, is located at 261 Zhongshan Middle Road, Shangcheng District. The iconic Greek columns are applied at the entrance, and the doors, the steps as well as the columns are made of Suzhou Jinshan granite. Facing streets in both the north and the east, the building now is used by the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China as business offices in Hangzhou. It has also been listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit.

French Renaissance Style: Star Bridge Tiandu City

Star Bridg e Tiandu City

Tiandu City Happy Four Seasons Park is a theme park based on Tiandu City and boasts lots of French inspired landscapes. It consists of seven theme scenic areas: theme square area, Jurassic Children’s Playground, Performing Arts Special Region, French Town, Swan Lake, Castle on the top of the mountain and Love-themed Area.

European Middle Ages Style: Zhongshan Middle Road and Zhongshan South Road

Zhongshan Middle Road

Many houses on the Zhongshan Middle Road and Zhongshan South Road remain as they were before the liberation, and part of them feature European styles. As Hangzhou’s business quarters, they generate a prosperous economy as well as abundant historical cultural values.

Western Villa: Shi Han Jing She

Shi Han Jing She

Shi Han Jing She was built in 1936 and used to be an exquisite building among the Laiyin Xiaozhu villa groups. Facing the east, the villa contains two floors made of bricks and features western styles. It was originally the offices of the Hangzhou municipal committee and adjoined another western-style building which was the Hangzhou Municipal Government official.

Arabic Style: Phoenix Mosque

Phoenix Mosque

Phoenix Mosque, located in Zhongshan Middle Road, is the principal location for Islamic religious festivals and the Islamic worship center in Hangzhou. In 2001, it was reputed by the Chinese Islamic Association as being the national model mosque and is also now part of the key cultural relics protection unit in china. It is one of the top four Islamic mosques in china.

Art Deco Style: Hangzhou Global Center

Hangzhou Global Center

Zhejiang Global Center is the ultra-high business building in Zhejiang Province, 170 meters high and with 41 floors. It has a unique and distinctive appearance, and combines art inspiration with lofty spirit. It is more an art masterpiece than an ultra-high-level office building for entrepreneurs.

Fading Architecture: China Academy of Art Folk Art Museum

China Academy of Art

China Academy of Art Folk Art Museum, located in the Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art, collects collections, exhibits, and has study and teaching programmes. It aims to study the beauties of traditional life, providing more inspiration to the modern craftsmanship and the activation of traditional cultures.

Surrealism: Raffles City, Hangzhou

Raffles City, Hangzhou

Located at the heart of Hangzhou’s new central business district, Qianjiang New City, it adjoins the Civic Center, Hangzhou Grand Theatre and International Convention Center. It includes a large commercial plaza of eighty-thousand square meter, five-star hotels, high-level office buildings and so on.

American Pastoral Style: Liangzhu Cultural Village

Liangzhu Cultural Village

Liangzhu Cultural Village sits in an excellent position that takes full advantage of nature. Its architectural styles not only reflect the contemporary architectural design concepts but also embody the continuity of the inner spirit of the Liangzhu culture. Distinctive though the building is, it perfectly melts into the natural landscapes and forms part of the surrounding nature.
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