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How to Keep Your Cool in Hangzhou 2020-04-05
In the scorching summer when the heat is stifling, besides hiding in an air-conditioned room, many people choose to explore the coolest places in town. Whether it’s a lake’s breeze surrounded by green grass under a blue sky, or drifting to the ripples of a brook or river, or diving into an aquatic for a water ride or two, all are great choices in keeping your cool this summer in Hangzhou.

Shuangxi Rafting

Shuangxi Rafting

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the Shuangxi Stream converges with the limpid Moshan Stream and Tianmushan Stream, often winding past with gurgles. With regards to Shuangxi’s tourist project, Shuangxi Rafting is undoubtedly the most classic sport. Shaded amid nearly 10000 hectares of bamboo forest, two crystal clear streams flow together and pass, and in the more than one hours’ journey of drifting, you’ll encounter bluish waves in placid ponds, as well as treacherous rapids. You can even rent a skin raft, adventuring anywhere you want with the paddles. Stop by to enjoy beautiful scenery, or paddle past quickly in riffles, the list is endless.

Jinsha Xishui at Xianghu Lake

If you want to take a walk on a beach, but not far away from home, then the Jinsha Xishui Outdoor Leisure Park in Xianghu Lake is a wise choice.

Jinsha Xishui at Xianghu Lake

It is comprised of an outdoor swimming pool, sports beach and water park. Although it’s a man- made beach, its sand is very smooth. The swimming pool, in the middle of the beach zone, covers a total area of 6000 square meters and can hold a maximum capacity of 2000 people. It is divided into two water areas, one for children and the other for adults. The child’s area has a depth from 30cm to 80cm, whilst the adult’s area is 80 to 150cm deep. The water used in the swimming pool is recycled tap water which has been through a chlorination, disinfection and silica sand filtration process. The water circulation system works continuously for 24 hours.

Apart from swimming, you can also take a nap or sunbath on one of the accommodating beach chairs, play beach volleyball with friends, or even rock climb. Children can play on slides, swings, and build sand castles...... In the beach area of Golden Beach Dabbling park there are also trampolines and beach motorcycles for tourists to play with.

Lang Lang Lang Water Park

With the approach of summer’s steaming weather, water parks are becoming the coolest destinations around town and Lang Lang Lang Water Park of Song Dynasty Theme Park is just that.

Lang Lang Lang Water Park

Tens of large-scale aquatic amusement equipment such as a surfing pool, high-speed slide, skateboard surfing, drifting river and so on have recently been imported. Except for the amusement equipment the baby aquatic world, which was newly built for parent-child families, can also let parents and babies enjoy excitement and happiness together with their families.

If the above wears you out, then you can chill to the brilliant shows in the “South American Carnival Season”, which consist of colorful giant feathers, samba drum music, untrammeled dancing and ubiquitous smiling faces.

Have no fear, here there are also humanized zones like the free wifi covered zone, the mist sprayed relaxing zone, and not forgetting the gourmet experiencing zone where, after a day full of adventure, you can dine to your hearts content.

West Mountain National Forest Park

West Mountain National Forest Park is located at the southwest of Hangzhou, approximately 10 km from downtown Hangzhou. There are many scenic spots at the West Mountain and Its average altitude is about 267.2 meters. Its major peak is Ruyi Peak, which is the highest peak in downtown Hangzhou with an elevation of 537.3 meters.

The West Mountain trails connect the mountains in Shuangpu Town, Zhuantang Sub-district and Liuxia Sub-district. It has a full-length of 115 km, equivalent to 20 times of the Ten-Mile Langdang Mountain Trail’s length, and is the longest mountain trail in Hangzhou as well as in China. There are mountains and water along the trail, making it both cool and refreshing.
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