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Thirst Quenching Scenery 2019-09-19
When we talk to the older generation about past summers in Hangzhou, the West Lake is mentioned for its association with strolling and drinking tea, the latter a simple but secret recipe for relieving summer-heat and losing weight. So, to cultivate your senses in and amongst thirst quenching scenery, let's visit the following tasty teahouses.

Green Bamboo Teahouse

Standing quietly on Beishan Road, amongst the hustle and bustle of city life, is a two-story small white building from the era of the Republic of China, across from which is the West Lake. Bamboo and pine trees deck the courtyard which is paved with white and natural sandstone. The sun shines through the leaves and dapples the ground in this elegant, yet simple and unsophisticated courtyard.

There are specialized tea-tasting chairs placed in the courtyard, from which one can face the entire West Lake. With a gentle breeze caressing your face and an aroma of tea subtly filling the air, appreciating the West Lake has never been more peaceful. In Green Bamboo Teahouse, there are two outdoor terraces and a front and back yard. The three private booths and the outdoor terrace on the first floor can accommodate more than forty people. The lobby and two private booths on the second floor can accommodate eighty people. To ensure the quality of tea, all the tea in Green Bamboo Teahouse is hand-picked from the neighboring tea mountains.

Address: 31 Beishan Rd, Hangzhou
Scenic spots nearby: Precious Stone Hill, the West Lake

Amanfayun He Teahouse

Amanfayun Resort is hidden in the Peak Flying from Afar and He Teahouse is located deep in this green land for practicing Buddhism. As small as the tea house is, it has everything that one can expect to find related to tea, rather like a museum one could say.
All the tea here has extraordinary flavor, as it is well-chosen every year by the owner of the teahouse. The cuisine of He Teahouse is also very special which is carefully chosen to complement the vast selection of tea. How pleasant it is when combining simple meals with great tea, in which cuisine counts for 30%, tea aroma 40%, and the elegance of abandoning yourself to the sacred villages and landscape 30%.

Address: Amanfayun Resort, Fayun Alley, Lingyin Rd., Hangzhou
Scenic spot nearby: Lingyin Scenic Spot. The Buddhist College of Fayun Temple, Yongfu Temple and Lingyin Temple are also near the teahouse. They are not only sacred Buddhist places, but also sacred places for making tea. Compared with He Teahouse which is open to the public, Fayun Teahouse is even quieter since it is only open to the guests of the resort.

Fuquan Teahouse

Yongfu Temple is located under Shisun Hill west of Lingyin. The temple spans across the rolling hillside leading people to a secluded and quiet place. Fuquan Teahouse is just situated inside Yongfu Temple which can be found by following the signs to the hillside. It is a sacred place for calming the mind as well as tasting tea, here with Buddha’s illuminating light you can easily find peace from deep within your heart.
The tea here is superior Longjing new tea that is hand-picked and hand-made by monks of Yongfu Temple in their exclusive tea garden every year. It has a mild color and sweet taste. Besides drinking tea and practicing meditation, you can also stroll around the tea gardens.

Address: Fayun Alley, 16 Lingyin Rd., Hangzhou
Scenic spots nearby: Yongfu Temple, Spring Stream Pavilion, Ligong Tower, Fayun Ancient Village

Baopu Teahouse

There is a small hill called Geling Hill on the northern shore of the West Lake, on which the Baopu Taoist Temple is located. This is a great venue for appreciating the West Lake’s beautiful scenery and if we compare tea to a classic beauty, then the teahouse of Baopu Taoist Temple can be compared to a beautiful boudoir. Here one can sample tea, and appreciate the West Lake’s landscape all at the same time.

Address: hillside of Geling Hill, North Mountain of the West Lake
Scenic spots nearby: Precious Stone HIll Floating in Rosy Clouds, Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge

For You For Me Teahouse

For You For Me Teahouse is a boutique teahouse which devotes itself to combining Chinese traditional tea culture together with western modern bar culture. The collision of two different cultures creates a special sentiment of a Chinese style of simplicity and elegance, as well as a western style of romance.
The décor also cleverly combines the two cultures and allows you to drink tea to the melodious sounds of the violin, whilst savoring the natural romantic sentiment. You can also enjoy a unique tea ceremony show.

Address: 163 Yugu Rd., Xihu District
Scenic spots nearby: Laohe Hill, Clouds arise from Laohe Hill, Jingu Cave, Dongshan Park
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