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Hangzhou’s Lotus Breezes You Through Summer 2019-04-01
There are many places in Hangzhou where Lotus can be seen blooming to the city’s breeze, and it is the following month that is the best time to admire this glorious species. So, if you want to admire lotus, don’t forget to visit the following places.

Hangzhou Lotus Flower Viewing Places

Guo’s Villa

The majority of the lotus in Guo’s Villa are of the potted variety, of which the breed is precious. There are varieties like golden nenuphar - Waweisha, the only two in the world, and super mini water lily - Volda of which the flowers appear as small as finger-nails.

Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden

The most famous place for admiring lotus in Hangzhou is Quyuan Garden. Here there are various breeds of lotus like white lotus, red lotus, Nelumbo nucifera and some other rare lotus varieties. It is recommended that you visit the gardens on weekdays as weekends can get rather crowded.

Solitary Hill

It is said that the best place to view West Lake’s lotus is at Solitary hill. The photos of lotus taken at the bank of West Lake on the Solitary Hill are the most beautiful and pure with the background of the West Lake’s water.

Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake

Back onto the Solitary hill, facing the outside lake of West Lake, the vision of "Autumnn Moon over the Calm Lake" is very wide. Surrounded by waters on three sides, here is very convenient for people to overlook the lake and the green hills.

Broken Bridge

The Broken bridge is a well-known attraction for admiring lotus in Hangzhou. Lotus, Broken bridge, West Lake are in perfect harmony.

Beishan Road

The most concentrated area of West Lake lotus is across the line starting from Broken bridge, the new hotel, No.84 Beishan Road to Xiling bridge. Beishan Road, with the largest concentrated lotus pond area, is the best place for photographing this picturesque species.

Jixian Pavilion

Jixian Pavilion located at Hangzhou West Lake Yi Park, opposite the monument “Good reputation in later years”, is one of the eighteen views of the West Lake in Qing Dynasty. Lotus and Jixian Pavilion contrast finely with each other which is best set off at sunset.

Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Hangzhou Botanical Garden shows over 100 varieties of lotus among which Cruz Victoria, with the largest leaves in the world for an aquatic plant, is the most popular. It takes the space of nearly 400 square meters in the garden. The leaf of Cruz Victoria is more than 1 meter in diameter.

Tiger Spring

Lotus has an indissoluble bond with Buddhism. Dinghui Temple of Tiger Spring holds an exhibition which shows over 200 pots of lotus with more than 50 varieties based on the inspiration of “Zen”. It interprets the theme of “Clean water and lotus with wisdom” and stays away from the hustle and bustle of the city and back to the beauty and Zen of nature.

Lotus Area in Eight-Diagram Field

Eight-Diagram Field is another favorable place for viewing lotus, where the varieties belong to Red lotus of Honghu Lake in Hubei province. It has an early blossom with long flowering period almost one and half months. The lotus area is 6000 square meters, which is eye-catching to say the least.

Xixi National Wetland Park and Hongyuan Garden

“Dong’guan Lotus Pond” is where the lotus blooms with red and white colors and competes with each other for summer’s coolest visitors. At the depth of flagstone roads and plank roads, lotus flowers, pavilions and towers form a grand scene resembling Shangari-La. The touring tower near the lotus pond shows the beauty of Xixi National Wetland Park in perfect circumference.

Lotus Villa in Xianghu Lake

There are several attractions for appreciating lotus in Xianghu Lake, Lotus villa, Dream Lake, Yuefeng Lou, Qingpuwenchun, and Tiger cave are to name a few, but the best place in which to admire this beauty is in the west of Chengshan Square in Xianghu scenic spot, Xiaoshan District.

Liye Village in Jiande

Ancient villages in Jiande – Liye village and Shuangquan Village, are where lotus leaves stretch for dozens of miles leaving an alluring fragrance to linger. From the lotus platform, witness a sea of rolling red lotus stretch for ten miles, or walk into the lotus field, search for snails, fish for lobster, dig up lotus root, peel lotus seeds, the list is endless.
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