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Recommended Chill-outs in Hangzhou 2019-11-06
Summer is coming, so where should one chill out? Hangzhou’s caves, characterized by cool air and breathtaking scenery, are the perfect place to keep your cool this summer.

Recommendation One: Heavenly River and Cave

Heavenly River and Cave – Chillouts in Hangzhou

Heavenly River and Cave is a natural underground river. It is a really cool place where you can sail a special wooden boat deep into the river whilst nature’s breeze caresses your face. Besides enjoying the cooler than cool atmosphere, you can also admire all kinds of rock formations along the way, such as stalagmites, stalactites and rock waterfalls … all of which are very intriguing.

Transportation guideline: Hangzhou – Tonglu County – Heavenly River and Cave
Self-driving route: Drive along Hangxinjing Highway for 40 minutes and exit at Tonglu; then drive along No.16 provincial road for about half an hour until you reach the scenic area of Heavenly Lake and Cave.
Admission: 108 RMB
Telephone: +86 571 64371618

Recommendation Two: Yaolin Wonderland

Yaolin Wonderland – Chillouts in Hangzhou

The best time to visit Yaolin Wonderland is during the summer when the temperature inside the cave reaches 12 to 18 degrees Celsius. When people enter the cave, they will be greeted by a gentle breeze. Yaolin Wonderland is reputed as “the King of All Caves in China” for its crooked landscapes and magnificent rock formations, and is praised to be “rare in both China and the world.”

Transportation guideline: Hangzhou – Tonglu County – Heavenly River and Cave
Self-driving route: Drive along Hangxinjing Highway for 40 minutes and exit at Tonglu; traverse Tonglu County to Fenshuijiang Bridge (分水江大桥), take No. 16 provincial road to the gas station of Linchang (林场: Forest Farm) and drive for five minutes after turning left.
Admission: 116 RMB
Telephone: +86 571 64361171
Where to go nearby: Three Palaces and Six Gardens (三宫六苑: san gong liu yuan), Hongshiwan (Red Stone Bay) Scenic Area, Red Lantern Village Homeland and Heavenly River and Cave.

Recommendation Three: Jiangnan Grand Ice Cave

Jiangnan Grand Ice Cave – Chillouts in Hangzhou

Jiangnan Grand Ice Cave is new to Hangzhou’s summer resorts. With the inside temperature minus 10 degrees Celsius, stepping into the cave, visitors are instantly transported from one season to another. Inside the ice cave are crystal-clear frost flowers and ice waterfalls of different shapes. If you fancy feeling “Frozen” in sweltering summer days, then this is the hideout for you.

Transportation guideline: Hangzhou – Xin’an River – Jiangnan Grand Ice Cave
Self-driving route: Drive along Hangxinjing Highway and exit at Hangtou (航头); turn right and drive for several hundred meters; then turn right in the Shipin (石屏)’s direction and after about 10 minutes, you will see a signpost board, which will guide you to the scenic area.
Admission: 100 RMB
Telephone: +86 571 64527666

Recommendation Four: Lingxi Cave

Lingxi Cave – Chillouts in Hangzhou

In this burning summer heat, it’s a good idea to head to Lingxin Cave, which is known for its limpid water, cool breeze and wondrous fog. Lingxi Cave used to be the shooting place for the 1986 version of “Journey to the West”, a Chinese classic and a memory of a generation. The place is characterized by a unique karst landscape and features four distinct caves, namely, Lingquan Cave, Qingfeng Cave, Aiyun Cave and Lingxi Stone Forest. Lingquan Cave is well-known for its water landscape with a deep and long river and rock formations mirroring on the water’s surface; Qingfeng Cave boasts a cool and refreshing breeze; most people coming to Aiyun Cave will marvel at its mysterious clouds and fogs resembling a fairy-like wonderland; and Lingxi Stone Forest, as the name suggests, is highlighted with rock formations, some of which resemble human beings.

Transportation Guideline: Hangzhou – Xin’an River – Jiande Lingxi Cave
Self-driving Route: Drive along Hangxinjing Highway and exit at Hangtou (航头); turn right and drive for several hundred meters; then turn right and drive for another 10 minute in the Shipin (石屏)’s direction to get to the venue.
Admission: 85 RMB
Telephone: +86 571 64569230

Recommendation Six: Brocade Wind Water Cave (Jin Xiu Feng Yun Cave)

Brocade Wind Water Cave – Chillouts in Hangzhou

Traveling through Brocade Wind Water Cave, one can admire over one hundred thousand stone flowers, stone pearls and other treasured karst cave landscapes which are scattered around. One can also ride on the electric water train, the only one in China, to glide along the 320-meter-long underground river to enjoy some of the most intoxicating and magnificent sceneries around.

Transportation guideline: Hangzhou – Xihu District – Brocade Wind Water Cave
Self-driving Route: start from Hangzhou downtown to the direction of Pagoda of Six Harmonies; get on the No. 320 State Road to Hangfu Riverside Road; follow the signposts until you reach your destination.
Admission: 120 RMB
Telephone: +86 571 87601058

Recommendation Seven: Huanglong Cave

Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Cave features an abundance of greenery with deep caves, exquisite pavilions, bamboos, peculiar-shaped rocks and crystal-clear waters. Adorning its mountain cliff is a dragon head where translucent water flows. The scene “Yellow Dragon Cave Dressed in Green” is one of the New Top Ten Views of West Lake and an ideal place for enjoying a cool summer.

Transportation guideline: Hangzhou – Huanglong Cave Scenic Area
Public Transportation: take bus No. 16, 23, 28, 37, 101, 103, 130, 145, 228, 306, 307, 318 and 807 to the bus stop of Huanglong Cave
Admission: 15 RMB
Telephone: +86 571 87972468
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