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The Route to Finding Hangzhou’s Best Views… 2019-11-06
There are many ways in which to see the sights of Hangzhou, most of which are located near to the West Lake. Perhaps, the most appropriate way to travel during the sweltering summer months is to take a bus, that way you can keep your cool as well as admire endless views of spectacular scenery. Bus N0.51, the West Lake Loop Line, is the route to finding some of Hangzhou’s best views and you can hop on and off, at your leisure, taking a wealth of pictures along the way.

Orioles Singing in the Willows

As the Imperial Garden in the Southern Song dynasty, the park of Orioles Singing in the Willows now reputed as "Jujing Garden" which gathers all the beauties in the world and where willow trees weep in and out of the breeze. The main scenic spot is Wenying Hall and to the east of it lies a Friendship Park formed by an expanse of lawn that is also home to a variety of Japanese cherry blossom. In addition, the north side of the lawn has a stone platform on which stands the Peace Monument.

Nanshan Road

Rich in art culture, Nanshan Road is the place where many historic figures such as Zhang Xian, Li Qingzhao, Zhou Mi and Yang Weizhen lived and worked. In the evening, lights and small lanterns deck the rows of French plane trees and beam brightly like shining stars. Along with the street lights, this road has become a colorful urban landscape.

Wansong Academy

Located in the quiet and beautiful Wansong Mountain, Wansong Academy faces Yunju Mountain to the front, borders Phoenix Mountain to the back, Qiantang River to the left and West Lake to the right. Embraced on three sides by mountains, it is also bestowed with rugged rocks, ancient vines and limpid springs. In history, it led the development of Jiangsu and Zhejiang academic education in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and is known as the highest educational institution in Zhejiang, Confucius Institute in the Southern Song dynasty, Wang School, and the famous academy that the emperor frequently visited. According to legend, it is also the academy in which Liangshan Bo and Zhu Yingtai studied for three years, forging a deep and profound friendship.

Long Bridge

"The Solitary Hill is not solitary, Broken Bridge is not broken and Long Bridge is not long". These are just three remarkable features of the West Lake. As one of the three Lover's Bridges in the West Lake, it notably has two love stories. The first is a Southern Song Dynasty love story between the Jiangnan prostitute Taoshier and the scholar Wangxuanjiao and the second is the sad love story between Liangshanbo and Zhuyingtai

Su Causeway

With flowers and trees on both sides, Su Causeway comes alive in spring. Covered by verdant weeping willows and blooming peach blossom, it resembles a glorious floral wonderland. At dawn, with the mirror-like lake reflecting the bridge, birds’ chirping and willow trees dancing, you will be drawn to its appealing scenery. At dusk, with a cool breeze blowing you along, you will be able to smell the overflowing fragrance, enjoy the wonderful lake view and listen to the orioles’ singing.  

Yugu Bay

In the west side of the West Lake, there are many unknown historical relics one of which is Yugu Bay. Here, visitors can sit at leisure quietly appreciating the stunning surrounding landscapes which evoke feelings of peace, nature and tranquility, and it is here that you can gage a deep understanding of the profound ancient capital---Hangzhou.

Yanggong Causeway

Located in the west of the West Lake, Yanggong Causeway appears to be low-key compared to the bustling Su Causeway. Buzzing with Hangzhou dialect, it possesses an array of picturesque trees which, stretching from one end to the other, form a delicate sea of emerald green

Guo's Villa

Located in Yanggong Causeway, Guo's Villa is a small and exquisite Jiangnan garden which is close to the Winery Yard and Lotus Pond. Although it is small, compared to other gardens, it boasts a rockery, pond and pavilion. What’s more, it is a vantage point to admire the breath-taking scenery of the West Lake whilst sampling Hangzhou’s finest teas.

Hangzhou Flower Nursery

As a prestigious ornamental plant bonsai viewing base, Hangzhou Flower Nursery locates in the west part of Yanggong Causeway. It faces the West Lake and borders Xishan Hill to the back. With a beautiful environment and an exquisite layout, it is regarded, by many, as the "Pearl of the West Lake".

Yue Fei Mausoleum

Yue Fei was the main general who fought against the troup of Jin State in the Southern Song Dynasty but was framed to death with an unwarranted charge by Qinhui and Zhangjun. After the reconstruction in the Qing Dynasty, Yue Fei Mausoleum was divided into three parts: Cemetery, Martyrs' Shrine and Loyalty Temple. The Cemetery faces towards the east whilst the others face south. In front of the gate is one of the five water regions of the West Lake---Yuehu. And between the temple and Yuehu, there is a towering stone monument which is carved with four Chinese characters “碧血丹心” which shows admiration and respect to past patriots and heroes.

Hefang Street

Hefang Street is an ancient street rich in history and culture. As the "Imperial Root" of the ancient capital-Hangzhou, it was also the cultural and business center during the Southern Song Dynasty. Many household, time-honored brands such as Kong Fengchun Rice Noodle Restaurant, Wanlong Ham Shop, Mi Dachang Tobacco Shop, Ye Zhongde Chinese Medicine Hall, Wang Shunxing Noodle Restaurant and Weng Longsheng Tea House reside here.

There are also many traditional snacks along the street like victory cake, fried package, fermented bean-curd, shortcake, duck seasoned with soy sauce, braised pork with soy sauce, steamed shrimp with bacon and steamed lake crab with bacon...
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