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Best Things to Do at Night in Hangzhou 2019-04-18
Hangzhou’s nightlife brightens the town with its vibrant lights, lively markets, boisterous bars and not forgetting its tantalizing food stalls that sell a variety of mouth-watering delights … To experience the ideal ‘Hangzhou night’ you should …

1. Experience the unique charm of Hangzhou’s scenic areas at night, which are usually teemed with tourists during the day;
2. Head to crowded night markets to enjoy the life of local citizens;
3. Enhance your taste buds by seeking every corner of Hangzhou for delicacies;

Today, follow my steps to unveil the charm of Hangzhou at night.

Night Exercise


Instead of watching television at home, why not exercise outside with Hangzhou’s distinctive night views as your backdrop.

Run Around the West Lake to Feel the Gentle Night’s Breeze
If you are into running at night, then head to Bai Causeway which crosses the center of the West Lake, and where a modern night scene faces you to the right and the beauty of the natural West Lake to the left. The distant Leifeng Pagoda mirrors itself in the lake and its lights reflect a shining line on the water’s surface. The scene of West Lake at night is completely different from that in the daytime.

Distance: 5.5 kilometers
Route: Broken Bridge → Bai Causeway → Gushan Road → Beishan Road → Broken Bridge
Tips: 1. Be sure to wear comfortable running shoes and outfits, and always remember to stretch before and after exercise.  

Climb Precious Stone Hill at Night to View the West Lake from a Different Angle
If running isn’t your thing, then climbing a mountain might work better for you. All you need to do is put on some lightweight clothes and set off for Precious Stone Hill. Although it's adjacent to the West Lake, Precious Stone Hill still manages to maintain a sense of tranquility, it is without bustling crowds which allows you to leisurely climb deeper into the hills. And when you finally reach the hilltop, the incomparable beauty of the West Lake unravels before your very eyes. Just sitting at the hill top and enjoying the night view can be described as a beautiful moment.

Time: about 30 minutes
Recommended climbing route: Huanglong Cave (黄龙洞) → Chuyang Platform (初阳台) → Precious Stone Hill (宝石山) → Baochu Pagoda (保淑塔) → Beishan Road (北山路)

1. There are several paths leading to Precious Stone Hill, so you can conveniently choose from either Beishan Road, Shuguang Road or Baochu Road. 2. It is advisable to reach the hill top before 21:00 so you can view the abundance of lights surrounding the West Lake; 3. The mountain path after Baochu Pagoda is narrow, so be careful and pay attention to other people. Flashlights are recommended.

Night Cycling Along Longjing Road to Experience the Serene Tea Garden Paths

Longjing Road at night is extremely peaceful and instead of being hounded by traffic, you are surrounded by the sounds of insects chirping and frogs croaking. On its wide and even asphalt road, there are seldom any automobiles but many night cyclers will often swoosh past. Cycling under the guidance of road lamps and passing tea gardens and the Longjing Tea Plantation, until you reach the top of Wengjiashan Mountain, is a leisurely way to see the city at night.

Distance: 2.6 kilometers
Tips: Be sure to wear a helmet and it is also advisable to wear an item of illuminous clothing. There are many abrupt turns on the road so please be more careful.

Night Bars


MR. BOX – Hangzhou Style
MR. BOX is not just a business complex but an art space too. It is housed inside a giant box, which accounts for its name, and is composed of multiple layers each containing a shop. The business complex features the current prevailing industrial style decoration where exposed pipes, art doodles and the infusion of fashion and technology are in abundance. It is a gathering place of the young and trendy and a place to delve into art as well as food.

Address: 284 Wenyi Road, Xihu District
Hours: 10:00 – 11:30;13:30 – 17:30;19: 00 – 21:00
How to get there: take bus No. 17, 74, 89, 91, 211, 860 and 900 to the bus stop of the Hang San Da Qiao (杭三大桥)

Eudora Station – a Literary Bar
Located on Nanshan Road, the first floor of Eudora Station is a bar where you can sample cocktails and listen to live music, especially if it’s a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. The second floor is a western restaurant, where the bright but simplistic decoration has attracted many foreigners to savor the many authentic pizzas and snacks. The third floor is an outdoor bar area where you can enjoy a BBQ and breeze through the summer’s enchanting night.

Address: 101-7, Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District
Hours: 09:00 – 02:00
Tips: Every Wednesday is ladies’ night and all drinks for girls are free of charge.

Midnight Snacks


Summertime is the best time for midnight snacks. When the night is young, food stalls already lay out their best foods and shops, hiding deep in the alley, are also waiting to be explored.

Long Men Xia Ke (龙门虾客) – the Unique Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipe
The hottest thing in summer in China is no doubt the crayfish. Wang Jiang Men (望江门) is the gathering place of crayfish and Long Men Xia Ke is the only place that offers crayfish cooked with traditional Chinese medicines. Its sauces are prepared from 24 traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. 

Address: 152, Wangjiang Road, Shangcheng District
Hours: 16: 00 – 01:00

Shen Ye Shao Kao (Midnight BBQ) – the Most Fashionable BBQ Restaurant in Hangzhou
With a trendy metal design, the restaurant has a vibrant feel and here, one can experience China’s 1980s disco era as well as sample a BBQ whilst listening to live singers perform.
Address: 3/F, MR. BOX, No. 294, Wenyi Road, Xihu District
Hours: 17:30-2:00

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