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Something for Everyone 2019-07-17

For those living or visiting Hangzhou, there is an abundance of beautiful scenery, a wealth of activities to explore as well as many delicious foods to savor. So, for those looking for an itinerary packed with activities for everyone, then simply read on…

9:30–10:00: Appreciating the beauty in the Hangzhou City Balcony

Hangzhou City Balcony, located in the core area of Qianjiang New City, neighbors Hangzhou Grand Theater, Hangzhou International Convention Center and some other tall buildings. The beautiful night scenes of the modern city attract many people who have come for leisure, sightseeing and entertainment.

In this district, the buildings and roads are new and give the illusion of Lujiazui in Shanghai, both harmonious urban scenes where people go for a walk in the daytime and exercise at night. When darkness falls, fantastic light shows catch people’s eyes and their attention is drawn to the dark buildings that become the large screen in which to view the city’s many colorful images.

Address: The intersection of Jiefang Eastern Road and Zhijiang Road of Hangzhou
Transportation: take Metro Line 4 to the Civic Center Station and then walk until you reach your destination.

10:30–11:30: Reviewing the summit in the Hangzhou International Expo Center

Hangzhou International Expo Center covers an area of 190 thousand sq m whilst the summit space is dedicated to 170 thousand sq m. There are three open areas: Welcome Area, Meeting Area and Dining Area.
The dining area consists of a dining room and a hanging garden from where you can gaze at the starry sky.

Address: 353 Benjing Road, Hangzhou City
Opening times: 09:00–16:00
Transportation: take Bus No.9 to the station of Hangzhou International Center Bus Station, and then take the Metro Line 2 to Qianjiang Century Town Station.

12:00–13:30: Reading a piece of history in the Hangzhou Cuisine Museum

Hangzhou Cuisine Museum is a healthy alternative for foodies. There is an entire wall dedicated to pictures themed with eating which, of course, makes both locals and visitors hungry at the very sight of it.
Through pictures and written records there are ten exhibitions which compile the development of Hangzhou Dishes from the Liangzhu culture to the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Here you can also sample many traditional dishes such as Dongpo Pork which is a famous local delicacy.

Address of the museum: 9 Fenghuangshan Road
Open time: closed on Mondays and open 10:00–18:00 from Tuesday to Sunday
Admission Fee: free
Address of the dining houses: 9 Huyu Road
Transportation: take No.139 Bus to the Hangbang Dishes museum

13:40–14:10: Acquiring knowledge in the China Silk Museum

As you enter the door of China Silk Museum, you are greeted by the “Chinese Silk Story”, which contains two exhibitions: The Cultural Relics Showroom and The Clothing Showroom. In the Cultural Relics Showroom, there are all kinds of genuine silk from many different periods of time which show the delicacy of silk and its high position, as a commodity, in ancient times. In the Clothing Showroom, there are displays of genuine silk clothes and here one can also learn the origins and development of silk, from the Warring States Period to the Republic of China.

Address: 73-1 Yuhuangshan Road
Open time: 12:00 to 17:00 on Mondays (excluding national holidays when the hours are 09:00-17:00), 9:00 to 17:00 from Tuesdays to Sundays
Price: free
Transportation: take No.12 or No. 31 Bus to Chinese Silk Museum Bus Station

14:50–16:00: Appreciating the ethereal Jiangnan buildings in Hangzhou’s China Academy of Art

China Academy of Art is open to everyone and has become a beautiful part of the West Lake. With tangled ivy, the buildings make others green with envy, and even the little bridges and stairs are perfectly set.

Address: 218 Nanshan Road, Hangzhou (near the Yongjin Gate)
Open time: open for 24 hours
Admission Fee: free
Transportation: take bus to Qianwang Ancestral Hall Station

16:00–17:30 Rambling along the West Lake

When night falls, you can ramble freely along Beishan Road and Nanshan Road to feel Hangzhou’s summer romance, and you also can boat on the peaceful lake to witness the surrounding colorful night.

Transportation: Metro Line 1 to Longxiang Bridge

18:00 Dining and staying in the Dragon Hotel

The Dragon Hotel, located in the core area of Hangzhou, is conveniently positioned for the sightseeing of many local attractions. It is 2 miles away from the West Lake which takes only 15 minutes by foot. Lingyin Temple is only 5 miles away and 5 minutes by car. In addition, it is near the Huanglong Sports Center where famous singers perform frequently, and football matches are held regularly.

Address: 120 Shuguang Road, Hangzhou City
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Speical Rural Scenic Area Tourist Bus is in Operation2019-07-15
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