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Nature at its Best… 2019-09-19
Hangzhou boasts of many characteristic towns, and Longwu Tea Village in Zhuantang Street, which is defined predominantly by its agriculture and abundance of nature is also heralded as the “Holyland of Tea”. In Longwu Tea Village, there are ten villages which are strung together like a pearl necklace - with every pearl representing a different charm, and you can surely say that Hejia Village and Guangming Temple Reservoir show this charm as nature at its best.

Longwu Tea Village

Hejia Village

Hejia Village, located at the west side of Zhuantang Town, borders Cimu Bridge Village at the south and backs onto mountains at the west and is connected to Geyazhuang Community at the east.
The majority of people living in the village are surnamed He, which accounts for the village’s name, Hejia Village, literally meaning He Family Village. The village has a history of over 200 years during which it formed its very own folk culture and living style. A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, Heija Village is frequented for its undulating verdant mountains, rustic residential houses and crystal-clear waters.

Hejia Village Cycling

Hejia Village Cycling Park is home to Hangzhou’s first standard mountain cycling track. The cycle track is nestled in between Longwu tea gardens and is 5.9 kilometers in length, and after cycling a single circuit, one ascends approximately 176.5 meters. The track has the largest gradient at 26 percent and the largest height difference at 107 meters.

The cycle track is blessed with an abundance of picturesque scenery. Predominantly set in and amongst farm grounds, it retains the natural atmosphere and primitive scenery of Longwu Tea Town. The path is reputed as being “the Most Beautiful Racing Track” by cycling enthusiasts in Hangzhou. Though the track is rough, along the way it offers different sections thus catering to all levels of cyclist, these include the standard cycling section, leisure cycling section and racing section.

Note: Besides renting bicycles from the Public Bicycle Renting Station, B&Bs along the way also provide bicycle rentals.

Guangming Temple Reservoir

Inside the borders of Hejia Village, there is Guangming Temple Reservoir and, as soon as you climb over the tea gardens you are greeted by an expanse of clear and calm water. In its southwesterly direction, tea gardens surround the reservoir and resemble a jade embedded in the mountains.

Inside the scenic area, mountains with tea bushes are accompanied by calm lakes. Water flows past the foot of the mountains nurturing creatures living inside. The dark green mountains contrast against the lucid waters beneath and in doing so, reflect color, shape and beauty, resembling a Chinese ink landscape painting along the way. The surroundings of the reservoir are primitive and unspoiled and the water here is superior. For its heavenly atmosphere, many newly-weds choose it as a location for their wedding photos.

Note: Ultraviolet rays are strong so please remember to wear sun cream and bring plenty of water, and not forgetting an umbrella as the weather is now changeable.
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