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Secluded Villages to Taste Fresh River Products and Fine Wine 2019-11-06
Dongjiangzui Fishing Village is the only existing Qiantang River fishing village in Hangzhou downtown. Located inside Shuangpu Town, Xihu District, at the confluence of Qiantang River, Fuchun Jiang and Puyang River, Dongjiangzui Fishing Village, from a bird’s eye view, resembles a bird’s bill piercing into the Qiantang River, hence the name Dongjiangzui which literally means bill of Dongjiang.

Dongjiangzui Fishing Village
Dongjiangzui Fishing Village is home to over a thousand mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m) of fishing ponds, which literally takes up one third of the entire village. The majority of villagers make their living by fishing, a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Here, the villagers have a unique lifestyle which is diligent and modest and whilst it may be viewed as simple it is also an extremely interesting one too.

Dongjiangzui Fishing Village

Fishing on the river and growing rice at the river banks is how they live. “Boats ply on the crystal-clear water and rice sends off fragrance in plain” is the reality portrait of Dongjiangzui Fishing Village. Walking into Dongjiangzui Fishing Village early morning, you will always witness fishermen sailing boats on the fog-enveloped river and casting their nets to catch some of the best dishes of the day.

Plump River Products

River products in the village, like freshwater fish and shrimps, differ from those purchased in the market - they are made into dishes as soon as they are caught which retains their original flavors. Besides, benefiting from the village’s unique location and pure water, the fish here are fresher and the shrimps are plumper. Villagers prepare an assortment of dishes out of these river products according to the recipes passed down by their forefathers which, with the companion of locally-made Chinese distillate wine, is a feast no one can resist.

Chinese Distillate Wine Made the Ancient Way

Locally-made Chinese distillate wine is a special wine brewing technique of Dongjiangzui Fishing Village, passed down from generation to generation for over a hundred years. The ingredient used to brew the wine is Luji, a variety of sorghum which is grown in every household in the village. It’s said that Luji was brought here all the way from Shandong Province by ancestors of Dongajiangzui.

The home-brew is full of body and boasts a strong aftertaste of rice. Although the wine is high in alcohol content it won’t go straight to your head or make you thirsty. It’s a staple ingredient of every villager’s dining table and a must-have tipple on occasions such as weddings and birthday parties.

Fishing Village Culture

With its advantageous location, villagers have been living on fishing for generations and its culture continues to educate us all. In the display hall of Beautiful Village of Dongjiangzui Village, visitors can learn the history of the fishing village and its culture. For example, nets, wine jars and wooden ploughs are all here to unroll the primitive life of ancient fishermen in Dongjiangzui Village.

Clan Culture

In Dongjiangzui Fishing Village, the only culture to rival its fishing is its clan culture. The clan culture in Dongjiangzui Fishing Village is of long standing. The two main families in the village are surnamed Kong and Zhao, which date respectively back to the Southern Song Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. The Kong Family originated from Qufu of Shandong Province, where one third of the villagers are surnamed Kong and the descendants of Confucius also live.

In Dongjiangzui Fishing Village angling, tasting river products and drinking locally-made sorghum wine enables you to feel the culture and enjoy the poetic life of living in a pastoral fishing village.  
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