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Cycling in Hangzhou – An Easy Ride 2019-06-04
With bike sharing projects on the rise, the streets of Hangzhou are now packed with all kinds of bikes launched by different companies, and whose rental fares vary from 0.5 MRB to 1 RMB per half an hour. These sharable bikes complete Hangzhou’s public bicycle system and make traveling around Hangzhou an easy ride as well as more environment-friendly and convenient.

To use them, all you need to do is download the App and scan the QR Code on the bike and then it’s all yours. The bicycles can be returned to any location beside a road. So, with such flexibility, cycling to appreciate Hangzhou’s charm and beauty has never been more enjoyable.

Hangzhou Landmark Sights: The Broken Bridge – Su Causeway

Distance: roughly 4 kilometers

Cycling in Hangzhou – An Easy Ride

Starting from Hangzhou’s landmark causeway – Bai Causeway, the route passes the Broken Bridge towards Solitary Hill. Solitary Hill is the largest islet in the West Lake and with an area of 20 hectares and a height of 38 meters, it is home to a wealth of cultural and historical relics. There are currently 30 attractions in the islet, including Wenlan Pavilion, Zhejiang Provincial Museum and Xiling Seal-Engravers’ Society. Here in the islet, one can visit its many museums, stroll along its natural path, and head to Lou Wai Lou Restaurant to sample its traditional Hangzhou Cuisine.

Following Solitary Hill, you can then ride towards Su Causeway which is more serene and spans the entire West Lake. Flanked by green trees it also features many arched bridges, which only adds more excitement to your scenic cycling experience.

Achieving Peace in Heart: Breezed-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden – Lingyin Temple

Distance: 3.5 kilometers

Cycling in Hangzhou – An Easy Ride

For those who like to roam then the section from Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden to Lingyin Temple is a must. Although it’s not the time for lotus to bloom, the aroma of early spring permeates the air in Quyuan Garden.

One can start from the northwest corner of West Lake and cycle westwards towards Lingyin Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in China. On the way, you can pay a visit to the famous Hangzhou Botanical Garden, and after encountering a gentle slope, you will reach this most fabulous and well preserved Buddhist temple in China where a 20-meter-tall solemn gold-plated statue of Sakyamuni proudly stands.

Spring Fun: Yanggong Causeway – Huanglong

Distance: roughly 3 kilometers

Cycling in Hangzhou – An Easy Ride

From the southern end of Yanggong Causeway, riding along the winding lakeside causeway and enjoying its picture-postcard scenery is second to none. However, if you want to capture the mysterious charms of the West Lake, then cycle astray from the main road and travel westwards, where you will find yourself “lost” in many a secluded path home to temples and gardens.

Return to the north end of Yanggong Causeway and keep going until you reach Shuguang Road which is teemed with cafés, bars and world-class restaurants. After bidding farewell to nature, you can then enjoy that well-deserved cup of coffee or hearty meal.

The Contrast of Modern and Ancient Architecture: Tourist Path along Grand Canal

Distance: roughly 4 kilometers

Cycling in Hangzhou – An Easy Ride

On this route, you can experience the newly renovated 2000-year-old Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal which is elegantly dotted with waterside pavilions and gardens as well as passing-by boats. The tourist path along the Grand Canal will be interrupted by main roads and branches of the Grand Canal from time to time, but the experience in bypassing these is also fun.

Along the way, you will see many museums, lavishly decorated tall buildings, overwhelming modern architecture, water buses and an illuminated Grand Canal scene, all of which present you with a full and detailed picture of Hangzhou’s history and modernity.

Night Cycling Routes: Pagoda of Six Harmonies – Qianjiang New City

Distance: roughly 10 kilometers

Cycling in Hangzhou – An Easy Ride

The highlights of the route are the sunset and night views which can be appreciated from 4pm onwards. After visiting the most ancient Pagoda of Six Harmonies (which dates back to 970), you can then cycle along Qiantang River passing three giant rivers that span it. The moment you arrive at Qianjiang New City, you will feel like you are stepping into the movie “Blade Runner” for the area is packed with avant-garde architecture including the giant building of China Construction Bank and the crescent shaped Hangzhou Grand Theater. Here, you can also appreciate the dazzling light show at the banks of the Qiantang River.
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