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Ancient Pagodas in Hangzhou 2019-08-01
An ancient pagoda is not only a unique structure but it is also an indispensable part of a city’s history and culture. Every pagoda in Hangzhou has witnessed a part of history. Many of these pagodas have survived time and war and are still standing proudly to narrate to us the history of Hangzhou.

Pagoda of Six Harmonies

Pagoda of Six Harmonies – Hangzhou Ancient Pagodas

Pagoda of Six Harmonies, standing on Yuelun Mountain on the bank of the Qiantang River, is one of China’s best-preserved wood and brick structures. It was originally built in the year 970 (when Hangzhou was the capital) to suppress the tides of the Qiantang River but was later rebuilt in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). The pagoda is 59.89 meters high and features a seven-storey brick interior and a wooden exterior of eight facets and thirteen storeys. The pagoda stands proud like that of a magnificent general.

Address: 16 Zhijiang Road, Xihu District

Baochu Pagoda

Baochu Pagoda – Hangzhou Ancient Pagodas

Baochu Pagoda was said to have been built by the uncle of Qianchu, the last ruler of the Wuyue Kingdom. He built the pagoda to pray for the safe return of Qianchu, who nobody had heard from after he was summoned by Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty. Baochu, means blessings for Qianchu.

Address: Precious Stone Hill, Xihu District

Huayanjing Pagoda

Huayanjing Pagoda – Hangzhou Ancient Pagodas

Huayanjing Pagoda is located at the mountain top of Solitary Hill and is the highest point of Xiling Seal-Engravers’ Society. The pagoda has eleven floors and is an octagon-shaped structure built on a Xumizuo (a foundation used to place Buddha statues.) Every floor is engraved with upturned eaves from which hanging bells play a beautiful song whenever a breeze passes them by.

Address: Inside Xiling Engravers’ Society

Twin Stone Pagodas in Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple – Hangzhou Ancient Pagodas

A path flanked by ancient trees in the middle of a special courtyard in Lingyin Temple leads to the main hall across the terrace on which stands two twin stone pagodas. They are octagonal shaped with nine floors and were put up in 960 by the king of Wuyue to honor the Grand Monk Cheng Ming. The Buddhism images decorating these pagodas bear the artistic style of the Five Dynasties.

Address: Inside Lingyin Temple
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Hangzhou's Eleven Unique Cultural Treasures2019-07-29
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Airplane Theme Restaurant, Best Plane Food Ever!2019-07-29
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