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Smoking Hot Barbeque Venues 2019-11-06
With the arrival of spring on our doorsteps, stepping out and being close to nature is not only a great way to witness in the new, but it is also a great setting for a barbeque too. As Hangzhou is home to a number of smoking hot venues, grilling a BBQ with friends has never been so tempting…

Xixi Taimei Farm Barbeque

Xixi Taimei Farm Barbeque is situated inside the west zone of Xixi National Wetland Park, Hangzhou. Covering an area of over 150 mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m) the venue has been designed by a team of Taiwanese agricultural experts. The farm is equipped with a farming zone, parent-child education zone, vegetarian restaurant, European-style café, and village country club.

Xixi Taimei Farm Barbeque
Address: 100 meters south of the intersection of Wen'er West Road and Fangxi Road
Telephone: +86 571 88960222
Admissionfee: No admission fee required
1. To purchase ingredients on the farm: it is 88 RMB per person (this includes the choice of 10 pieces of meat and seven vegetables). Three and four people can share a BBQ grill and the basic condiments are provided by the farm.
2. For those taking their own ingredients: it is 198 RMB to rent a BBQ grill (a BBQ grill can be used by six people.)
3. Chicken roasted in earth stove: 128 RMB and one-day advance reservation is needed.

Jinzhiman Farm Barbeque

Jinzhiman Farm lies inside Daqinggu Scenic Area. It backs onto a mountain, is surrounded by water and has a luscious green tea plantation at its front. The farm can accommodate 500 people and is equipped with real man CS game, angling, karaoke, board games and badminton.

Jinzhiman Farm Barbeque
Address: Dongxi Avenue, Liangzhu Town, Yuhang District
Telephone: +86 571 81532853
BBQ fee: 60 RMB per BBQ grill (can be used by five to six people)
Venue fee: 10 RMB
Meat: 2 RMB per portion, vegetables 1 RMB per portion; condiments: 2 RMB per portion; oil: 5 RMB per portion;
Barbeque package: 50 RMB per person (including ingredients, chairs and tables, condiments and oil), BBQ grill not included;
BBQ buffet: 60 RMB per person (unlimited supply of ingredients) and BBQ grill not included.

Farmer’s Paradise Barbeque

This barbeque venue is located inside Farmer’s Paradise, a farm culture theme park. Of old-fashioned style, it is one of the few large-scale barbeque venues in Hangzhou. It can accommodate 1000 people at a time and also offers all kinds of interesting and exciting activities to sizzle the senses.

Farmer's Paradise Barbeque
Address: 1 Dongxi Avenue, Liangzhu Town, Yuhang District
Telephone: +86 571 88781275
Admission fee: 100 RMB
Barbeque fee: 120 RMB per BBQ grill
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