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A Taste of Chinese New Year 2019-11-06
Spring Festival, the Chinese equivalent of the Western Christmas, is a big festival for all Chinese and a great time for a family union. When the festival arrives every Chinese person travels to their old family home, no matter where they are in the country, so don’t be surprised if you find your favorite restaurants, shops and supermarkets are closed. However, with our guide below, you can still sample a tasteful Chinese New Year in Hangzhou.

Reyi Fusion Restaurant

Reyi Fusion Restaurant really does mix up its ingredients well. It offers a menu of dishes originating from all over the world and the decoration follows the industrial trend but with some pastoral elements too. Exquisite Chinese dishes and exotic dishes are served here along with hand-made seasonal ice creams, home-brew seasonal wines and Western style coffee …

Reyi Restaurant - Chinese New Year Celebration

Recommended Dishes
Tempura Stinky Tofu

Cheese Pickled Vegetable Hot Pot

Address: No. 161 Qingzhiwu (near Hangzhou Botanical Garden)
Telephone: 86-571-88933088

Blue Lotus

What Blue Lotus offers is Jiangsu and Zhejiang inspired dishes presented with creative elements. Its exotic lighting, décor, tasteful menu of creative Hangzhou dishes and dishes from all over the country are all set to tantalize your senses.

Blue Lotus - Chinese New Year Celebration

Recommended Dishes
Featured Fruit Wood Roast Duck: this dish sells 20000 every year and uses only Beijing Stuffed Duck which is cooked and sliced on the spot.
Cherry and Pineapple Sweet and Sour Pork: the pork dish, enhanced with the flavor of cherry and pineapple, is succulent and tender to taste.

Address: No. 407, Hushu South Road, Gongshu District
Telephone: 86-571-58123251


With beef air-transported from Australia and seafood fresh from the deep sea, this restaurant guarantees flavors from around the globe and a dining experience to treasure forever.

Chibanting - Chinese New Year Celebration

Recommended Dishes
Australian Steak: a sizzling treat that is both tender and juicy.
Australian Beef Strips

Address: 4F003 Chengxi Yintai City

Zhangsheng Ji

Zhangshengji is a great place for exploring the culture and cooking methods of Hangzhou dishes. The restaurant offers authentic and original dishes which are served in an environment featuring both modern and classical designs, thus making any New Year’s dining experience one to remember.

Zhangshengji - Chinese New Year Celebration

Recommended Dishes
Signature Duck Stew: a signature dish of Hangzhou which only uses the over one-year-old China Greenhead Female ducks. After being cured with a secret recipe, the duck is then stewed for four hours over a low heat. Cooked this way the dish then becomes a thick and hearty duck soup.
Low Fire Beef: the beef dish is cooked with snowflake beef and seasoned with a secret sauce which is then stewed for hours over a low heat.

Address: No. 380 Fengtan Road
Telephone: 86-571-86560516
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