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Hangzhou’s Hot Pots Add Spice to Winter 2019-09-19
Despite its southern location, Hangzhou is notorious for its frosty winters, and now that the city has officially entered into this chilly season there is only one way to ward off the cold in winter and that’s to sample one of Hangzhou’s famous hot pot restaurants. To add some spice to your winter days, then visit any one of the following locations.

La Fu

If you love spicy food then La Fu is for you. There are two La Fu Restaurants in Hangzhou, one is in Queen Park and the other is in Hefang Street. The fresh spicy fish slices, shrimp paste, beef tripe and duck intestines, as well as the intriguing chopsticks, are what makes La Fu special, and whilst the strong aromas and sizzling flavors will have you in tears you will soon be crying to come back for more.

Hangzhou Hot Pot Restaurants - La Fu

Address: 3rd Floor, 2 Queen Park, 277 Wulin Road; 29 Gaoyin Street

Fresh Spicy Fish Slices: The fresh spicy fish slices are made from sole fish. The slices are preserved in a spicy sauce which is made according to La Fu’s secret recipe.
Beef Tripe: The beef tripe is selected from the black beef tripe of buffaloes and has a very crisp texture.
Goose Intestines: The intestines are imported by air direct from Sichuan.

Sichuan Xiang Tian Xia

This restaurant offers the famous Sichuan hot pot. It is highly recommended that you try their two-flavor soup base (Mandarin Duck Pot) which is tasty even without any seasoning. Whilst its name suggests otherwise the Mandarin Duck Pot does not, in fact, contain any duck at all but is called as such as to describe the pot being divided into two parts; usually one part for a spicy soup base and the other part for a non-spicy soup base. The Prime Minister Ball, Crispy Flesh and Duck Intestines are exceptionally tasty.

Hangzhou Hot Pot Restaurants - Sichuan

Address: 27-6 Ding’an Road, near Century Mart, the northeast side of Xihu Intime Department Store

Angus Beef: The beef here is frozen at -10 degrees Celsius for 10 to 14 days and is processed in a special way so that the protein decomposes and in doing so creates a mouth-watering meat feast.
Duck Intestines: The duck intestines are both fresh and succulent to taste.
Black Tofu: The handmade black tofu is made from a premium black bean. This is a healthy and delicious food that is low in calories but high in protein.

Chao Niu Hai Ji

This hot pot restaurant, always crowded, is a popular choice for both locals and visitors. It is highly recommended that you try their handmade meatballs which are the size of a table tennis ball but don’t fret as the only direction they will be bouncing in, is direct to you. The rice noodles with Satay sauce are also a must-try with the Chaoshan hot pot.

Hangzhou Hot Pot Restaurants - Chao Niu Hai Ji

Address: 6 Baifu Road
Beef Neck, Handmade Meatballs, Tenderloin, Fat Beef and Soft Beef

Xia Lao Sheng Tang

This is an expensive restaurant with an average spend of 534 RMB per person but the food here well deserves the price as it is ranked the No.1 hot pot place in Hangzhou on Dazhong Dianping, a Chinese gourmet grading website. The Norwegian abalone is rather good.

Hangzhou Hot Pot Restaurants - Xia Long Sheng Tang

Address: 58 Changsheng Road

Australian Wagyu Beef, Horsehair Crab, Lobster, Snails, Ark shells and French Oysters


Yi Xi Di Ji Wo

Yi Xi Di Ji Wo is a chain restaurants brand with many of its branches in Hangzhou. It boasts local flavor chicken soup hot pots with home-raised chicken, black bone chicken, and durian chicken.

Hangzhou Hot Pot Restaurants - Yi Xi Di Ji Wo

Address: 1st Floor Guomao Mansion, 56-3 Hubin Road

Durian Chicken, home-raised chicken, shrimp paste and black bone chicken

Mi Shi Chao Shan Beef Hot Pot

This is another Chaoshan hot pot. Simply place the beef tenderloin into the boiling water for 12 seconds and then dip it into the Satay Sauce and the wonderful taste will fulfill your heart with everlasting happiness.

Address: 166 Huansha Road

Soft Beef, Tenderloin, Handmade Meatball, Original Beef Bone Soup, Fried Chaoshan Tofu Curd, Sirloin, Kongfu Noodle, Snowflake Beef, Beef Tongue

King Pot Restaurant - Beijing Hot Pot

The authentic Beijing hot pot restaurant is boiled in a copper pot over a charcoal fire. This is a popular restaurant so be prepared to queue if you turn up late. Mutton hot pot is a favorite and mutton brain, beef brain, beef tripe, double paste and not forgetting the osmanthus syrup of plum, are the best hot pot accompaniments.

Address: inside Hang Si Lian 166, 189 South Jinhua Road
King Pot Hand-Cut Fresh Mutton, Osmanthus Syrup of Plum, Beijing Sesame Chinese Hamburger, Xing Yuan Zhai Syrup of Plum, King Pot Mutton Roll, and Sweet Preserved Garlic

Hai Di Lao

Hai Di Lao’s good service and quality of food earn it great fame nationwide.

Address: 5th Floor, Jinhe Building 87-1 Qingchun Road

Shrimp Paste, Lao Noodle, Fat Beef, Soft Mutton, Beef Paste, Pork Brain, Boneless Duck’s Web, Frozen Tofu
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