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Off the Beaten Track… 2019-11-06
Why not leave the bustling crowds behind and journey into some of Hangzhou’s tranquil hideouts.

Yuhu Bay

Yuhu Bay is located to the west of the West Lake and is only a stone’s throw away from Prince Bay Park. This is in an isolated part of the West Lake with winding banks and luscious water plants. Great artists like Huang Gongwang and Zhang Yu have all left their mark here.

Hangzhou Yuhu Bay

Address: 33 San Tai Shan Road, Xihu District
Transportation: bus No.51, 52, 194, 197, 318, Y2, and Y9 to Yu Hu Wan Stop


Adjacent to the famous Lingyin Temple, Amanfayun is hidden in the Fayun Alley in a tranquil valley. Resembling an ancient village, this location is actually a luxurious hotel and all of its guest rooms are situated in the quaint houses with courtyards. The price for a single room starts at 5,000 RMB per night, but if the price exceeds your budget then you can always take a leisurely stroll through the wonderful scenery of green mountains, clear waters, tea fields, and ancient temples. A truly peaceful location and a blessed way to spend any winter’s day. If you go there from Lingyin Temple Scenic Area, there will be an admission for Lingyin Temple. It is recommended to enter the hotel from the other gate.

Hangzhou Amanfayun

Address: 22 Lingyin Fayun Alley, 500 meters from Middle Tianzhu


Whilst Meijiawu Village is crowded with visitors, one can still find peace and tranquility in Maojiabu. This is a paradise for both young children and adults where they can have fun in the wild like catching little fish and tadpoles with string bags and playing hide-and-seek in the woods. The teahouses and restaurants nearby provide a nice resting place for visitors as well as serving up fresh local flavors and thirst-quenching teas.

Hangzhou Maojiabu

On the opposite side of Maojiabu is the tea garden. The most impressive view in Maojiabu is its lake. Over the water surface, willow branches wave gracefully in the breeze and the trails on the bank are paved with cobblestones.

Address: 17 Yanggong Causeway, near the intersection of Longjing Road and Santaishan Road

Transportation: bus No. Y3, Y9, Y1 and 27

Beishan Road

Not only does this road come alive at night but by day it proudly faces the West Lake’s open water that backs onto rolling verdant hills, this is an elegant road that borders the north bank of the West Lake with both sides flanked with Chinese parasol trees.

Beishan Road

More than 50 old houses from the Republic Age loom in the luscious woods on the lakeside and record the history of the past century, and the assembly of masters of art and literature have added more cultural accumulation to this place.

Si Yan Jing

Hostels, themed restaurants and distinguished teahouses abound around Si Yan Jing. Ma Deng Bu Luo, Wei La Inn, Tu’an Inn, Gui Lu Inn, Xiang Ba La and Yin Shang Garden Restaurant are a great way to experience local life and at a reasonable price too.

Hangzhou Si Yan Jing

Address: opposite Hangzhou Zoo
Transportation: take Bus No. Y7 to Hangzhou Zoo, go back to the trail near New Century Hotel

Yang Mei Ling

Due to unique geographic and climate conditions, the tea leaves grown in Yang Mei Ling are of premium quality and in the olden times were given to the Emperor families. Climbing down and along Nine Creeks, there is the Qiantang River, Pagoda of Six Harmonies and Southern Song Dynasty Town. This is a real hideaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Transportation: driving around Yang Mei Ling, one can get to Nine Creeks Meandering Through a Misty Forest.

Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University

Zhijiang Road is a long and beautiful road that passes by Pagoda of Six Harmonies and Nine Creeks. If you continue going further westwards you will then come across the Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University, a college with a history of more than one hundred years. Many of the buildings reflect a combination of Chinese and Western styles and have become popular backdrops for movie makers.

Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University

Opening Hours: 07:30-17:00
Transportation: bus No. 4, 190, 202, 308, 318, 334 and 354 at Zhe Da Zhi Jiang Xiao Qu Stop

Baochu Pagoda

Leifeng Pagoda is often chosen as the location to appreciate a panoramic view of the West Lake but it is the view from Baochu Pagoda that is even more fascinating. Built in the Northern Song Dynasty, the pagoda has gone through destruction and reconstruction for many times. The existing pagoda was built in 1933 and is based on the model of the one in the Ming Dynasty. On the top of the mountain, here one can truly grasp an idyllic view of the West Lake whilst also appreciating the elegant pagoda.

Address: Baochu Pagoda, on the Precious Stone Hill in the north of West Lake
Transportation: bus No. 7, 27, 51, 52, 118, J4, Y10 to Ge Ling Stop

Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi

Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi is firstly known as Yun Qi Fan Jing because of the auspicious clouds that float from Wuyun Mountain over the bamboo forest. The trail, which winds its way through luscious green bamboo forests, makes for a cool hiding place on any hot summer day. This is also a place to appreciate the earliest osmanthus in Hangzhou.

Opening Hours: 07:30-17:00
Transportation: bus No. 103, 121 and 324 at Yun Qi Zhu Jing Stop
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