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Thousand-Islet Lake Immersed in the Golden Season 2019-06-05
Thousand-Islet Lake is stunning in all seasons but it is in autumn that the lake is comparable to a fairyland, where azure skies, emerald green waters and flame-red leaves magically satisfy a number of senses.


Longchuan Bay (龙川湾)

Longchuan Bay

Longchuan Bay, in autumn, is like an elegant lady – composed and tranquil. The place is characterized by green and red hues which are colourfully reflected in the nearby lake.

How to get there:
Qiandaohu Town (千岛湖镇) – Qiandaohu Bridge (千岛湖大桥) – Qianfen Road (千汾线) – Jiangjia Town (姜家镇) – Longchuan Bay Scenic Area

Osmanthus Islet (桂花岛)

Osmanthus Islet

Autumn is the season when osmanthus blooms and its sweet scent permeates the air. Osmanthus Islet is noted for its endless stretch of wild osmanthus accompanied by a host of peculiar-shaped rocks.

Address: Thousand-islet Lake Scenic Area

Mountain Climbing

Dongshan Peak (东山尖)

Dongshan Peak

Dongshan Peak, in autumn, perfectly illustrates the scene described in the famous Chinese poem “The water is clear and the mountain is bright. The frost comes in at night. Trees are covered with deep scarlet leaves, mixed with yellow that is light.” 

How to get there:

Qiandaohu Town – Qiandaohu Bridge s– Qianwei Road (千威线) – Weiping Forest Farm (威坪林场) – Dongshan Peak (东山尖)

Dalian Ridge (大连岭)

Dalian Ridge

Dalian Ridge is a key road that has, since ancient times, connected Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province, carrying the spirit of red culture (a unique culture formed during China's revolution and war years). Flanking the road side is a wide variety of unknown wild flowers and plants. When autumn comes the ridge is characterized by color and an air that is full of fragrant plants. 

How to get there: Qiandaohu Town – Qiandaohu Bridge – Qianfen Road – Langchuan Village (浪川乡) – Dianlianling Ancient Road (大连岭古道)


Thousand-Islet Lake Greenway

Thousand-islet Lake

Circling the enchanting Thousand-Islet Lake is a 140-km-long greenway which is like an exquisite pearl connecting farm fields, villages, relics, mountains, forests and hills. Autumn is no doubt the best season to have a ride around, where the cool weather, comfortable lake breeze and pleasant sunshine will give you an unforgettable cycling experience.


Jieshou Village (界首乡) – Orange

Autumn is harvest season and in Jieshou Village the best picks are the golden-yellow oranges which are well known for their regular round shape, shiny color and juicy taste. If you want to have a weekend packed with sweetness, then take your friends and family to pick oranges in Jieshou Village.

Flame-red Seedless Persimmon
Seedless persimmon is a much-loved fruit for its beautiful shape, pleasant color, thick and succulent flesh and it is seedless! Places to taste this fruit include Tangchun Village (唐村), Jingfeng Village (金峰村) and Wangzhuang.


Qiandaohu Intercontinental Holiday Hotel

Qiandaohu Intercontinental Holiday Hotel

The Xianshan Peninsular (羡山半岛) where this hotel is seated is surrounded by the colors of autumn which can be seen in the verdant forests, yellow ginkgo trees and emerald lake side roads. Here you may spot a nutty squirrel or a fish jumping out of the water.

Qingxi Mountain Villa (清溪山居)

Qingxi Mountain Villa

If you like to sip a cup of tea quietly in the courtyard, daydream in a rocking chair in the bamboo forest, or watch the white clouds drifting through the azure sky then you are in the right place. This is an ideal place to enjoy quality time with your friends and family.
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See You at the Cinema, Qiandao Lake2019-06-03
On May 23, "Abominable", the first original animation film from Pearl Studio, released its first global trailer and "special friend" poster. The film is co-produced by Pearl Studio and US DreamWorks and is scheduled to be screened globally in September 2019. The film is directed by Jill Carlton (Monsters, Inc./Open Season), co-directed by Todd Wilderman (Trolls/The Croods), produced by Suzanne Buirgy (Kung Fu Panda 2/How to Train Your Dragon) and executive produced by Tim Johnson (Over the Hedge). The list of main voice actors of the English version has been released partly, including Wang Keyin who is popular for the Agents 0f S.H.I.E.L.D. She will do the voice for the heroine YI. In addition, the actress Sarah Paulson who won Emmy Awards for "American Horror Story" and the famous American child star Albert Tsai will also dub for the film.
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