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Appreciating the Unique Charms of Xihu District 2019-09-19
Hangzhou’s successful hosting of the 2016 G20 Summit no doubt adds more charm to this ancient yet dynamic city. To experience the life and soul of Hangzhou, in a relatively short time, three tour itineraries have been created by the Tourism Bureau of Xihu District. Guiding tourists deep into Xihu District where the jewel of Hangzhou – West Lake and its many surrounding treasures are situated is one fine way of appreciating the charms of this much loved district.

Tea Village Experiencing Tour

Itinerary: Entrance of Xishan National Forest Park in Shangchengdai Village → Hejia Village → Cimu Bridge → Inner Tongwu Village → Outer Tongwu Village

Shangchengdai Village

Shangchengdai Village

In the morning, pick tea leaves, taste tea and get to know the tea village, Shangchengdai. Home to tea gardens of over 1000 mu (1 mu equals 666,666 sq m) Shangchengdai Village is one of the largest production areas of Xihu Longjing tea leaves. In the village not only can you sample the finest of brews but you can also visit the ecological tea gardens and Guangmingsi Reservoir which is located in the northwest of the village and also makes for an ideal spot to enjoy nature, go camping and fishing as well as lighting a BBQ or two.

Hejia Village Mountain Cycling Race Track

Hejia Village Mountain Cycling Race Track

In the afternoon
, why not cycle in Longwu Tea Garden to appreciate the unique scenery. Hejia Village is home to the first standard mountain cycling race track in Hangzhou. The route offers a unique cycling experience which is characterized by verdant paths circling around the village, mountains and forests, tea gardens and Guangmingsi Reservoir and is accompanied by picturesque scenery and fresher than fresh air.

Finally head to Outer Tongwu Village which, having a strong artistic input is a national-level 3A agricultural scenic area and the perfect place to indulge in some culture.

If you are exhausted then choose to stay at any one of Longwu’s featured B&Bs.

G20 Summit Tour 1

: Zhijiang Creative Park → Quanshanshi Art Center → China Academy of Art → Outer Tongwu Village → Shuangling Village

Zhijiang Creative Park
Address: No. 1 Chuangyi Road, Zhuantang Street, Xihu District

Zhijiang Creative Park

Zhijiang Creative Park

After the impressive G20 Summit Evening Gala went live, the whole world was dazzled especially by the three-minute snippet of the incredible fan opening performance of Liangshanbo and Zhu Yingtai. TIMEAXIS, which is responsible for producing such an incredible fan, is located inside Zhijiang Creative Park.

Quanshanshi Art Center

Address: No. 10 Jianghan Road, Xihu District
The art center is the first of its kind in China and functions as a display, study, popularization and exchange center for western oil painting.

 Quanshanshi Art Center    Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art
Quanshanshi Art Center
Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art

Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art

Address: No. 352, Xiangshan Road, Zhuantang Street, Xihu District
The China Academy of Art is China’s first comprehensive state-funded art institution of higher education. Its Xiangshan campus focuses on the protection of ecological environment and the building-up of the campus’ art ambience. Its architecture blends well into the surrounding environment and is a fine symbol of its artistic theories.

Outer Tongwu Village

At the welcoming banquet of the G20 Summit the waitresses were all wearing traditional Chinese dresses – Qipao, on which were printed the beautiful paintings depicting Hangzhou’s top views and these paintings were created by Min Gengcan.

Outer Tongwu Village

Outer Tongwu Village

Min Gengcan is a world famous painter and his art gallery is located in Outer Tongwu in Xihu District. The art gallery is recognized as being the most beautiful and modern piece of architecture in Outer Tongwu Village. It is spacious with an area of 2500 sq m and is a multifunctional art palace combing display, training and education.

Starting from October, Outer Tongwu Village will organize an event themed on Chinese filial piety (a virtue of respect for one's parents, elders, and ancestors) culture, including activities such as appreciating Chinese filial piety culture, learning about filial piety etiquette, making dumplings and tasting healthy recipes.

Shuangling Village

During the G20 Summit Jiu Qu Hong Mei Tea impressed international guests with its century-old-history and savory taste. To further sample this flavor then head to Shuangling Village which is known as the production area of Jiu Qu Hong Mei Tea and, according to historical documents, has a history of over 100 years.

G20 Summit Tour 2

Itinerary: Guishan Kiln Ceramic Art Museum → Xixi National Wetland → Xixi Brook → Longwu Town

Guishan Kiln Ceramic Art Museum

Address: Hezhu Street, Xihu District
If you want to see at first hand the ceramic ware that was used in the G20 welcome banquet, then head to Guishan Kiln Ceramic Art Museum which was founded by Ji Xigui, the pattern designer of the ceramic ware used in the G20 welcome banquet.

Xixi National Wetland Park

Address: No. 518, Tianmu Road, Xihu District
Until October 16 Xixi National Wetland Park will play host to the Xixi Red Persimmon Festival which is full of parent-child activities, unique folk customs and Chinese medicinal diets prepared from red persimmon.

Xixi Brook

Address: No. 21 Zijingang Road, Xixi Road, Xihu District
Until December, in Xixi Brook is the 2rd Xixi International Art Festival where 16 world best plays will be performing on stage.

Longwu Town

With an area of 3.2 sq km, Longwu Town is the largest protected production area of Xihu Longjing tea which is not only rich in leaves but in tea culture too.

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