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Characteristic Food Streets in Hangzhou (I) 2019-09-19
Chinese people are well-known for taking eating as the top priority, which contributes a lot to its wide range of food and extremely abundant food culture. Hangzhou is no exception. Hangzhou people not only love eating delicious food, but are fond of creating all kinds of delicious food and finding novel ways to eat them as well. Once you arrive in Hangzhou, you will marvel at the number of food streets with unparalleled foods. Hence, a visit to the following food streets definitely should be on your must-do lists in Hangzhou.
Shengli River Food Street (胜利食美食街)

Shengli River Food Street is so named because it is located beside Shengli River (the branch river of the marvelous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal). Although it’s a popular food street with crowds of foodies digging around, it has nothing to do with dirty streets, oily ground, tons of garbage. It’s all neat and everything is in order. 450 meters in length, 13 meters in width, the street features an atmosphere of antiquity. Decorated with red lanterns and local ancient style constructions, people walking on the street at night will be amazed at its dazzling beauty. It’s a hot place to go at night.

As a food street, delicious food is an indispensable element of Shengli River Food Street. The street integrates Hangzhou local food and typical foods from various parts of China together. You can sample all the food in China without even stepping out of Shengli River Food Street. There are not only many options of food, but also various ways of dining to choose from. You can either choose to sit indoor in an elegantly-decorated room, or choose to brag with your friends outside on the street. Don’t worry to feel cheap about dining on the street, because it’s a pretty popular dining option in China. No need to worry about being eavesdropped or the weather. The street has it all worked out: tables are arranged two or three meters away from each other; Curtains are put up to protect you from cold wind and rain. Actually, dining outside on the street is an excellent way to relax and breathe fresh air, especially in summer. In addition, there is a smokeless barbecue area where you can enjoy the palatable barbecue food without enduring the smoke. Excellent, right?

Address: Xiawan Lane, Gongshu District, Hangzhou (杭州市拱墅区霞湾巷)

There are two kypes of transportation forms you can choose from:
 Type  Stop/Wharf  Route
 Bus  Desheng Xincun (德胜新村)  3 , 12 , 26, 33, 57, 58, 82, 198, 206, 209, 276, 338
 Water Bus  Shengli River (胜利河)  Shang Tang River Route
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