top1.jpg   Old Hangzhou Style Hidden in Wuliu Lane
Just across the street from the prosperous Hefang Street, people will find an extremely quiet lane called Wuliu Lane, which is free of bustling crowds and noisy car hoots. The lane is like a fairyland hidden in the downtown area. It was as if time had slowed down here. MORE
top2.jpg   Learn the Present and the Past of Hangzhou
Hangzhou is a cultural and historical city and the museums in Hangzhou are like books revealing the past and the present of the city. Besides popular museums like Liangzhu Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Museum and China Tea Museum, there are also many others that are less known but worth a visit as well. MORE
top3.jpg   Cultural and Creative Art Palace
The foot of Phoenix Mountain, once the hinterland of the Southern Song Imperial City, has now become a quiet place difficult to find in Hangzhou. It is an ideal place for a weekend getaway and is known by a few people. Here, you can also find the roots of Hangzhou! MORE
top4.jpg   The Best Season of Hangzhou
Cool breeze, azure sky, the fragrance of osmanthus permeating the air … the best season of Hangzhou has arrived. Why don't make the most of the upcoming seven-day holiday to explore Hangzhou? The Xihu District of Hangzhou has prepared you all with an abundance of activities to appreciate the beauty of Hangzhou in autumn. MORE
Hangzhou Classic Three-Day Tour Guide
The city, which is described by Marco Polo as "the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world", has fascinated countless people since ancient times. Today, Hangzhou is still the first choice of travel destination for many people. So how can we do all the things and visit all the places we need to fully appreciate the beauty of Hangzhou? The secret is here, Hangzhou three-day tour guide, which enables you to feel the charm of Hangzhou while eating, drinking and having fun.

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