top1.jpg   2019 Qiandao Lake Marathon Opens for Registration
In the era of "marathon", marathons have already swept the world and more and more people have the tendency to run in a natural environment instead of among concrete urban landmarks. MORE
top2.jpg   Stone Forest Scenic Area Listed "Top Summer Resort of Zhejiang"
In order to meet people's demands for a better life, and to explore climate resources and develop green summer economy, Zhejiang Meteorological Bureau has selected 100 summer resorts in Zhejiang and Qiandao Lake Stone Forest Scenic Area is among them. MORE
top3.jpg   Two Minutes and You'll Know All about Liangzhu
When the first light of the morning shone on the land of Liangzhu 5,000 years ago, the Chinese civilization was awakened. As the earliest group of people living in the Jiangnan area, Liangzhu people worked when the sun rose and rest when it set. They went fishing, hunting, weaving, and drinking, and lived a simple and beautiful life. MORE
top4.jpg   Four Ways to Explore Hangzhou at Night
Hangzhou at night is just as beautiful as in the daytime and enhanced by lights, it is even more dazzling. On sweltering summer days, let's try the following four ways to explore Hangzhou at night and embrace its charming night views. MORE
Four Summer Itineraries to Experience Hangzhou
Longwu Town, which, looking from a bird's eye view is now occupied by well-arranged long striped lush green tea bushes, is extremely refreshing and pleasing to the eye. For some outdoor fun in summer and a bit something about tea culture, the following four itineraries are not to be missed.

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