top1.jpg   Stargazing and Night Sky Watching Guide in June
Here comes the most romantic stargazing and night sky watching guide in June. On June 24, the mysterious Mercury will be the farthest away from the sun in the east, which is the most suitable time for observing Mercury; On the evening of June 28, the June Bootids will be the biggest; its radiation point will be very close to the Big Dipper and can be observed almost all night. MORE
top2.jpg   High Time and Great Places to Enjoy the Beauty of Lotus
Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden, one of the ten scenic views of West Lake in Southern Song Dynasty, is one of the largest special lotus gardens in China. In the garden are grown over 50 kinds of lotus flowers. MORE
top3.jpg   Ideal Summer Escapes in Hangzhou
The summer of ice cream, the sweetness of popcorns, the romance of merry-go-round … this summer, let’s regain our childhood and experience the thrill and excitement in Hangzhou's many amusement parks. MORE
top4.jpg   Watching Stars and the Moon in Hangzhou's Superb Campsites
Now is a good time to go camping. We have made a list of great campsites around Hangzhou for you to choose from. MORE
World-Class Show Available in August
Recently, the product launching ceremony of "the Land of Fantasy" was successfully held in Hangzhou Suntiandy Theater. It means that the world-class circus Cirque Du Soleil will be available in Hangzhou this summer!The Cirque Du Soleil is said to be comparable to Disney and is "a must-see show in one's life". What do you know about the “National Treasure of Canada” - Cirque Du Soleil?
More about World-Class Show Available in August
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