Hangzhou Included in ‘Best Places to Travel in 2016’
Recently Hangzhou was included and ranked 7th on the list of fifty ‘Best Places to Travel in 2016’ by American travel magazine Travel + Leisure and won wide recognition by the Huffington Post and other international media outlets. MORE
  A Warm Sail Through Winter
This winter the Thousand-islet Lake is promoting two leisure cruise routes both of which have already created a whirl of attention. Whether it’s a company cruise for those wanting to reward their employees or a celebratory cruise for family members welcoming in the Spring Festival – either way taking a cruise of the Thousand-islet Lake is one of the warmest and most memorable ways of sailing you through winter. MORE
  The Best Things in Life Are Free
This January Hangzhou welcomes another four scenic areas to be added to its current list of 54 - in China a five category rating system ranging from A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A has been used to determine the quality of the attractions, with 5A being the highest. MORE
  Niangao Festival - A Sweet Taste on New Year’s Day
Due to mechanization, the art of making Niangao (a festive food eaten around New Year) by hand is dying out; to experience firsthand use of this skill and the authentic sweet taste of Niangao, a visit to Waitongwu Village (外桐坞村), Zhuantang Street, where the fifth Niangao Festival will be held for twenty days starting from the 1st of January, 2016, will surely be rewarding. MORE
Ancient Towns Welcome in the New Year

The ‘Great Cold’ as it is known is the last one of the Chinese 24 solar terms and traditionally associated with Chinese people doing away with the old and setting up the new, preserving food and purchasing gifts. In keeping with such festivities a number of Hangzhou City’s small and ancient towns will be providing a variety of activities where you too can experience this most recognized tradition and welcome in the New Year.

Tangqi Ancient Town, Yuhang District (余杭塘栖古镇)

It is traditionally known that before Spring Festival people like to go shopping and with Tangqi’s water market there is plenty to purchase. Every year boatmen bob up and down the Grand Canal and sell their fish and vegetables. What is also of interest is the traditional Tangqi canal walk (走运河) which locals say will bring good luck, and starts from Shui Nan Jie Street and passes Guangji Bridge until Shui Nan Jie Street.

About two weeks before the Spring Festival Tangqi will hold a New Year Taste Festival during which visitors will be able to witness the making of traditional new year snacks like Guo Ci (Pan Fried Rice Cake: 锅糍), Tangqi-style Niangao, round dumplings, rice dumplings and spring rolls (春卷).Furthermore, visitors may also catch a glimpse of Chinese old-fashioned children’s games like rubber band jumping, rolling a hoop, building houses, playing at peg-top and shuttlecock kicking.

Longmen Ancient Town, Fuyang District (富阳龙门古镇)

Have you ever seen a traditional bamboo horse performance? If not then come to Longmen ancient town where, in Mingqianyuan Garden, two war-horses will be fighting fiercely. To the beat of festive drums, Kuixing (魁星) will enter the stage and write down the name of the champion and then will throw the pen towards the crowd. It is traditionally known that whoever catches the pen will then have good luck for the following New Year.

From now on until Valentine’s Day (Feb. 24) Longmen ancient town, in traditional folklore style, will promote a series of activities and will hold the Western Zhejiang Spring Festival Folklore & Shopping Festival (浙西年俗•年货节).


Family Vacations in Idyllic Suburbs

With Spring Festival fast approaching, the desired annual vacation is also just around the corner. So if you are looking for festive fun, away from all the crowds, then check out the following resorts and hotels which, situated in idyllic suburbs of Hangzhou, are ideal locations for any family vacation.

Fuchun Resort Fuyang(富阳富春山居度假村)

Fuchun Resort is located in Fuyang District which is renowned for its beautiful mountain and river landscape. The resort includes the Fuchun villa resort hotel, SPA and golf course and shows an integration of Chinese cultural elements with western modern design concepts and presents a Chinese architectural style of elegance. This low-key, tranquil and secluded hotel is most suitable for a festive family vacation.

Address: No.339, East Jiangbin Avenue, Dongzhou Street, Fuyang District

Telephone: 86-571-63461111

Recommended Dishes: Longyang Bean Curd Cake (龙羊豆腐干) , Longmen Braised Beef (龙门炖牛肉), Fuyang Beef.

Leisure Life, Xixi Paradise Resort (慢生活西溪天堂度假区)

In accordance with the traditional building style of Xixi Wetland, the tailor-designed Xixi Paradise Resort is a perfect waterscape that has managed to retain the surrounding natural environment. Presenting itself as a beautiful and idyllic ‘Shangri-la’, the whole Paradise Resort includes an international fashion section, creative life section, cinema, KTV, food square, wharf dining section and many other high-quality facilities.

Address: Xixi National Wetland Park (No.518 Tianmushan Road)

Telephone: 86-571-88106622

Recommended Dishes: Sheraton Hotel buffet selection and featured farm dishes.

New Century Resort Qiandao Lake (千岛湖开元度假村)

When recommending idyllic suburban spots for family vacations then Qiandao Lake, also named Thousand-Islet Lake, is definitely worth mentioning. Located in one of the national 5A level scenic areas of Hangzhou, Qiandao Lake, New Century Resort, has received wide recognition from international guests for its high-quality services and facilities, ecological environment, excellent management and authentic catering and has also won the title of ‘Oriental Hawaii’.

Address: Kylin Peninsula, Qiandao Lake, Chun’an County

Telephone: 86-571- 65018888

Recommended Dishes: Qiandao Lake fish head, recreational vehicle barbecue and locally farmed chicken.

Hangzhou Tourism Commission

Official Website: en.gotohz.com / e.gotohz.com

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