Step into the Southern Song Dynasty Spotlight
Rolling out in Southern Song Imperial Street and areas along the foot of Phoenix Mountain, the 2015 Arts Festival will consist of three exhibitions themed on the culture of the Southern Song Dynasty. Witnessing people dressed in replica costumes of the Southern Song Dynasty will take visitors back in time so that they can really experience what life was like some 800 years ago. MORE
  Two Attractions Inscribed on the List of Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Heritage
Two tourist attractions that border the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal have recently been listed in the third group of Zhejiang’s intangible cultural heritages. After declaration, recommendation and evaluation, 17 intangible cultural heritage theme towns and 13 folk culture villages in Zhejiang Province were selected which includes these remarkable two: Qiaoxi Historic Block and Tangqi Water Town. MORE
  Chinese Version of Romeo and Juliet Takes Center Stage
‘Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai’, a play and household name that is ranked among the ‘Top Four Folk Love Stories in China’ will be taking center stage on December 19 in the People's Great Hall of Zhejiang Province where the audience’s hearts and minds will be enlightened by both what they see and hear. MORE
The Wondrous West Lake

On Nanshan Road and inside the Orioles Singing in Willows, one of the top ten views of Hangzhou, resides the West Lake Museum and even though this is the youngest of the museums to erect at the banks of the West Lake it does, however, inform you on all you need to know about Hangzhou’s world renowned and wondrous lake.

It is in this museum that an exhibition, featuring over 300 pieces of West Lake-related historical relics, will be on view until 6 January 2016. In the exhibition visitors are able to see West Lake bronze ware, West Lake brocade, historical documents and art works themed on West Lake which include drafts of poems, calligraphy works, stele inscriptions, postcards and old photos, all of which have been donated by the people of Hangzhou.

Brief Introduction

Officially open to the public on 1 October 2005 the West Lake museum now welcomes its tenth birthday. During these past ten years the museum has and continues to do a great job in guiding visitors to know more about the West Lake, from history and culture to geography and touristic resources. The mission of the West Lake Museum is to offer a channel for the world to know all about the West Lake and to spread its historical value.

Inside the museum a sand table reflecting the panoramic view of West Lake is set to the proportions of 1:600 meters and from which one can clearly perceive the unique layout of the West Lake which is surrounded by mountains on three sides and by the city of Hangzhou on the fourth, with two causeways dividing it into five small ones and three artificial islets scattering in the central area of the lake.

Materials such as pictures, illustrations, large-size digital screens and a 3-dimensional theater are used to highlight the value of the West Lake as a UNESCO world heritage site, which focus on the lake’s dredging in different dynasties, its natural landscape, layout and the evolution of the ‘Top Ten Views of the West Lake’ as well as historical and cultural relics. Such historical relics include ceramics, calligraphy works, old books and manuscripts.

Today the West Lake Museum has become a center of west lake culture, display, study, documentation and tourism and it is the unique platform and window through which the past, present and future are easily accessible.

Venue: No. 89 Nanshan Road


Exercise Your way Through Tonglu

Autumn, a season full of warmth and color, sways its magic brush and in doing so paints Tonglu County with a golden glow. Besides the numerous colorful scenes scattered in and around Hangzhou, Tonglu’s unique water and mountain landscape and historical village, at this time of year, also attract those from afar.

In such a pleasant season with views similar to those in a Chinese landscape painting, Tonglu can also offer you many ways in which to keep fit. So, make note of the following and then you too can exercise your way through Tonglu.

Mountain Climbing

Tonglu is mountainous and with ranges of different heights and features all of these make wonderful places for climbing, the most noted are Daqi Mountain, Tian Zi Di and Bai Yun Yuan.

Daqi Mountain (大奇山)

Over 600 meters in altitude, Daqi is the perfect combination of a water, mountain and plain landscape and is widely recognized as the ‘No. 1 Mountain in Jiangnan Region’. Daqi is renowned for its wide variety of undulating mountains with gentle slopes, peculiar-shaped rocks, deep canyons, crystal-clear streams and thundering waterfalls and by walking through its dense forests, crossing its shaky rope bridges over crystal-clear streams it would be hard not to get fit here.

Tian Zi Di (天子地)

Tian Zi Di is the legendary birthplace of the first emperor of the Southern Dynasty (420-589). The place consists of four sections, a folk custom zone, an eco-environment zone, an underground karst cave zone and a mountaintop view zone.

Whether you choose to enter the Tianzi Village which is rich in Ming and Qing Dynasty style architecture or climb high to enjoy the natural wonder ‘two dragons playing games with water’ or explore its mysterious underground karst cave, either way you will always be at one with nature.

Bai Yun Yuan (白云源)

Bai Yun Yuan (literally translated: the Origin of White Cloud) is located right beside Fuchun River – the Fuyang section of Qiantang River. Differing from Daqi Mountain and Tian Zi Di, Bai Yun Yuan is cliffy with its mountain rising vertically from 30 meters to 1245.5 meters and is really only for the brave hearted.


Luci Village (芦茨村)

Even though the third Fuchun River Village Slow-pace Life Experiencing Festival (in which jogging was one of its themes) is not running anymore you can, however, still head direct to the village and jog to your own heart’s content.

In Luci you can jog along winding paths in between crop fields whilst enjoying the autumnal views of Tonglu or can take it a step further and run along ancient streets and lanes inside the village where you are surrounded by historical residential houses, crafts such as creative paper-cutting or woodcutting and teahouses serving freshly brewed Luci black tea.