West Lake International Expo – A Jewel in Hangzhou's Crown
This year from October 16 until November 1 West Lake International Expo will show its wonders to the world and there will be 35 core events that will focus on 'Excellent Expo, Beautiful Hangzhou' which also includes four sections: international conference, information industry, tourism industry and culture. MORE
  Get on Board to China's Grand Canal Temple Fair
Just as the city air is filled with fragrant osmanthus we also welcome the arrival of the 2nd China Grand Canal Temple Fair which this year will be held from Oct. 23 to 25 in the Hangzhou Section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. During this time visitors can immerse themselves in the unique culture and customs of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal whilst also soaking up a number of touristic activities. MORE
  Beautiful Autumn With Citizen Leisure Festival
Autumn in Hangzhou is always charming but short. If you don’t want to simply waste the beautiful time, follow the upcoming West Lake International Expo Citizen Leisure Festival to spend an interesting weekend mini-vacation.MORE
Join Hangzhou in the Spirit of Halloween

With October 31 drawing near the atmosphere here in Hangzhou is becoming more thrilling by the second. Halloween, predominantly a western event, will soon be here but already the streets of Hangzhou are coming alive with deadly skeletons and colorful jack-o-lanterns.

Bars and recreational venues are also busy in planning their one-of-a kind night and to join in this Halloween spirit then the following locations are sure to guarantee you a fangtastic time, even if you are thousands of miles away from home.

Mars Factory - ‘Return of the Dead’ Theme Party

Mars Factory (火星工场), located in the intersection of Yuhangtang Road and Gudun Road (古墩路), enjoys convenient transportation and is the first grand youth club in Hangzhou. Covering an area of 1000 sq m, Mars Factory entertains its customers through offering high-end and traditional entertainment facilities such as electronic sports, Xbox, KTV, bar and dancing pool.

When Halloween night falls Mars Factory is set to bring its visitors a ‘Return of the Dead’ party in which fun activities like Trick or Treat, Condemned Souls, Trial of Rada Mendis and Sin Dancing Pool will, without doubt, awaken your mind, body and soul. If that’s not enough then try their blood bag drinks, skeleton drinks or an assortment of scary food. To attend the party then fancy dress costume and make-up are essential, the latter can also be applied in the club’s entrance, where make-up artists are on hand to help you. So come on let’s scare the evil spirit away and get ready to paint the town red.

Time: October 31 from 19:00 to 24:00

Add: No. 805 Yuhangtang Road, Xihu District (西湖区余杭塘路805号)

Fee: 60 RMB for one ticket and 90 RMB for one ticket, one blood bag drink and one mask

Phebe Bar: Special Halloween Activity

Phebe Bar is a landmark in trendy entertainment where fashionable, progressive designs and splendid, luxurious decorations create a dream-like world. With excellent foreign DJ’s, ebullient dancers, colorful lights, vibrant music and shows on their doorstep, it is easy to feel the enthusiasm of the night.

This year Phebe Bar invites you to pay a visit to ‘Horror Hospital’ - TZU CHI EMERGECNY HOSPITAL. This Halloween event, not for the faint hearted, has fantastic special effects that are usually only ever seen in the movies and whether you are wounded or mutant, attended by bloody surgeons or attentive nurses, your night will, in no doubt, be an unforgettable one.

Time: October30-31 Add: No. 46 Hubin Road (湖滨路46号)

SOS Club: Halloween Costume Party

SOS Club covers over 4000 square meters and is equipped with a world-leading audio system, well-designed lights and 3D MAPPING viewing video technology which creates a multi-media 3D play space. It offers not only private party rooms but also an outdoor lounge for night viewing.

The Halloween costume party is internationally popular and this year SOS Club offers you the chance to be whoever you want to be. Be it a gorgeous Disney princess, a vampire, a witch or even Hulk whoever you are, SOS will put a spell on you that guarantees you a night full of fun, fantasy and of course fame.

Time:October 30-31

Add:No.5 Huanglong Road, Xihu District (西湖区黄龙路5号)


Scream with Delight as Nordic Musicians Perform this Halloween

Get ready to scream with delight as a group of Nordic musicians, this Halloween, perform their indie music live in the center of town. Indie music also known as Independent Music, from recording to publishing, involves only the musician, which is different from the music produced by major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries.

This Halloween artists like Postiljonen from Sweden, Siv Jakobsen from Norway and Pandreas from Norway will send shivers down your spine as they share their wonderful passion of music with you. What’s more…in the spirit of Halloween the person wearing the best Halloween attire will receive, for free, a dead strong alcoholic drink.

Introduction of major artists:


Postiljonen is an electronic band enjoying international fame and last spring their brilliant performance during the West Lake Music Festival still lingers on in our minds. The contrast of sounds produced by their musical instruments and the soft, airy voice of the singer are simply electrifying.

Siv Jakobsen

Siv Jakobsen is a young singer and songwriter from Norway who according to music critics is, with her airy voice, comparable to other Scandinavian artists such as Ane Brun and Melissa Horn. Siv’s devotion to music is quite impressive as her latest songs were produced in an old apartment with only a door and bed. This May she released her first EP including seven singles and this is her first time to visit Hangzhou.


Pandreas is the nickname for 24-year-old DJ and producer - Andreas Kleven Rasmussen. A rising star in the indie music world the singles, Rube and Rås, produced by Pandreas have received praise from Pitchfork (an online magazine known for its focus on independent music) and the Guardian.


Time: October 31 from 21:00 onwards

Add: No. 4-105 Yuan’gu Creative Park, No. 29 Changle Road, Gongshu District (拱墅区杭州拱墅区长乐路29号元谷创意园4-105)

Tickets: 80 RMB per person on the spot and 60 RMB per person in advance (For advance bookings please send an email to kakoushi@gmail.com)