Lotus in Bloom
Summer is the season for the lotus flower to bloom and seeing the first roots appear, in the West Lake, means a lot to Hangzhou citizens. If you come to visit Hangzhou, then you’d better make sure lotus appears on your list of things to see. MORE
  Jiang Village Dragon Boat Festival
The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, which is fast approaching, is a day for Chinese people to follow the traditional customs of making rice dumplings, wearing sashes and suspending artemisia on their doors. For Hangzhou people, the most interesting thing of the Dragon Boat Festival is to visit Jiang Village and watch the famous dragon boat race. MORE
  The First Voyage of Qiantang River Night Cruise
In the "West Lake Era", Hangzhou proudly developed itself around the West Lake. Nowadays, after stepping into the "Qiantang River Era", the city will be expanded to the north and the south with Qiantang River remaining as the axis. The urban space of Hangzhou will also complete the transformation of "Qiantang River flowing through the city". MORE
  New Conveniences in Hiring Hangzhou Public Bicycles
On May 1, 2008, Hangzhou Public Bicycle took a historic leap. Within the last ten years, with 89,600 bicycles and 473 thousand minutes of daily maximum cycling time, the public bicycle has become an indispensable part of Hangzhou City. With choice, trust and visitors praise, Hangzhou Public Bicycle has been granted six international awards, eight national awards, fourteen provincial awards and thirty-six municipal awards. MORE
Global Recruitment of “Hangzhou Workmanship Apprentice”

To draw closer the distance between international tourists and Hangzhou, in 2004, some key visiting places of community resources for international tourism (“visiting places”) were launched by the Hangzhou Tourism Commission. Currently, there are 123 visiting places of six main categories in the whole city, classified as urban public service, industrial tourism, agricultural tourism, social culture, social politics and citizens’ life.

In 2017, 10 mentors for the visiting places were selected by the Hangzhou Tourism Promotion Center , including national successors of intangible cultural heritage, entrepreneurs famous at home and abroad, and ordinary workers serving visitors coming for this city all the year round, who are introducing to all visitors the best of life in Hangzhou.

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Summer Resorts Around the West Lake

At the beginning of summer, inevitably, the hot air in Hangzhou makes people a little restless and sleepy. At this time, it would be nice to go somewhere cool outside to cool off.

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