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  Animate Yourself in Hangzhou this April
White Horse Lake Cartoon and Animation Square is getting set to animate you all from April 26 to May 1, 2017. As a cartoon and animation feast for all, and the only national level exhibition brand of Hangzhou, this year the 13th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival will be themed on “International Cartoon and Animation • Embracing the World” to be in accordance with the G20 Summit held in 2016 in Hangzhou. MORE
  Hangzhou - an Award Winning City
On February 19, a travel interactive activity entitled “Be near to Oscar Awards, the best memory is in Hangzhou” was held in Hollywood. The activity is another travel promotion predominantly aimed at Americans which transpired after Hangzhou’s breathtaking scenery, through virtual reality, made its appearance in the 2016 Super Bowl. MORE
  Liangzhu Culture Village - A Beautiful Town in Hangzhou
With colorful mountains peaking in the distance and birds chirping merrily whilst constructions standing amid shady trees by the lake, one could say that Hangzhou’s Liangzhu Cultural Village is similar to a scroll painting of Shangri-la, and if you dig deep enough you will find plenty to do. MORE
  Tune into the Lyrical Guqin
On February 18, Taiyin Guqin Club, a renowned Guqin Club in China moved its headquarters. Famed for holding a host of grand Guqin culture activities such as the “National Young and Middle-aged Guqin Musicians’ Concert” and the “China National West Lake Guqin Assembly”, the club, now situated in Fengqi Road, Hangzhou, covers a floor space of nearly 1000 sq m which makes it one of the largest Guqin clubs in China MORE
Hangzhou in Bloom

As the weather gets warmer, we also witness the city begin to bloom. From the golden rape flowers in the Eight-Diagram Field to the multi-colored Dutch tulips in Prince’s Bay Park, Hangzhou vibrantly blossoms its way through spring.

Rape Flowers

Recently, some of the rape flowers have started to bloom and it is estimated that after the spring equinox, the Eight-Diagram Field will be a sea of golden rape flowers, which makes the perfect setting during springtime.

Plum Blossoms

There are three places to go to view these colorful creations: Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Xixi National Wetland Park and Chaoshan Hill. Each place offers a different viewing experience.


In Princes Bay Park the Cherry blossom has already bloomed so now it’s the tulips that are shooting up to take the park’s spotlight.

Find Out More about Hangzhou Flowering Viewing Venues

Family Restaurants in Hangzhou

Previously, we have recommended a number of restaurants which have included those with amazing views and those with western and traditional Chinese menus. But what about family restaurants that focus solely on the children - well now it’s time to tickle those tiny taste buds with the following three recommendations.

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