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  Hangzhou Grand Canal Culture Strawberry Picking Festival
If it's sweetness you are craving for, then head to the Grand Canal where the 9th Hangzhou Grand Canal Culture Strawberry Picking Festival will be held until March 26. MORE
  Flower Viewing This Spring
Whilst the Spring Festival is almost drawing to a close, the arrival of spring and its many floral creations are only just beginning to open. MORE
  Another Great Year for Plum Blossom Viewing
Last year, the vivid scene of plum blossom blooming over a ten-li field (li is a Chinese unit of measure and is equal to 500 meters) not only captured the attention of China’s CCTV but also the cameras of many thousands of visitors too. If you happened to miss this remarkable scene, then head now to Chaoshan Hill for another great year of Plum Blossom viewing. MORE
  Hangzhou, the Most Beautiful Tourist Destination in 2016
Hangzhou, renowned for its continued improvement in a traveling environment, has been awarded “The Most Beautiful Featured Tourist Destination in China in 2016” and is the only city in Zhejiang to have been enlisted. MORE
Win Tickets to Hangzhou Marathon – Let the Race Commence

This March, Hangzhou will be on track to bringing all running enthusiasts the run of their lives. The Zhejiang Marathon Relay Race, for those who want to fully appreciate the fun of running, will give away tickets to the 2017 Hangzhou Marathon and a lot, lot more...

FUN: Four People Relay Race

The Zhejiang Marathon Relay Race will consist of two groups, county/district groups and charity groups. The County/district groups are formed according to the address indicated on the participants' ID card, whereas the charity groups are not. Every group requires six people to register and four will be randomly picked to take part in the race which is a 42.195-kilometer relay race to be completed in, at most, 4.5 hours.

BENEFITS: Tickets to Hangzhou Marathon and more…

The event organizers will accept registration for 90 teams and from these teams the six people from the top 20 teams from both county/district groups and charity groups with the best racing results will be rewarded with tickets to the 2017 Hangzhou Marathon.
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Ocean Spirits Show Charm in Hangzhou

When asked what is the oldest creature in the world? Nine times out of ten most people would say the dinosaur. However, the oldest creature is actually the jellyfish which can be traced back to over 0.6 billion years ago. Jellyfish can be seen in seas all around the world and with mankind’s unceasing efforts to explore the mysterious ocean world, the life of the jellyfish gradually unravels before us.

Until March 4, why not journey into the “Ocean Spirits” Jellyfish Themed Exhibition on view in Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum in Hangzhou, where the mysterious life of the jellyfish awaits…
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