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  Hangzhou Honored As “the Happiest City” for the 10th Time
The list of “The Happiest Cities in China 2016” has just been unveiled in Beijing, and Hangzhou has been included for the 10th time. Additionally, Hangzhou has been awarded “The Happiest Cities 10th Anniversary • The Highest Award.” MORE
  Hangzhou’s Top Chinese Snacks
As the end of 2016 fast approaches various types of list appear which includes the 1st List of Chinese Top Snacks. The only snack to have been included on the list that hails from the Hangzhou area is Zhi Wei Guan Pork Xiaolongbao. Zhiwei Xiaolongbao* is a famous traditional snack produced in the time-honored Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant. MORE
  Welcome in the New Year in the Grand Canal
2017 is just around the corner and to celebrate the arrival of a promising New Year, a grand New Year celebration called “Jogging along Grand Canal Praying for Blessings New Year Gathering” will be carried out on Jan. 1, 2017 in the green way along the Grand Canal in downtown Hangzhou. MORE
Hangzhou’s Hot Pots Add Spice to Winter

Despite its southern location, Hangzhou is notorious for its frosty winters, and now that the city has officially entered into this chilly season there is only one way to ward off the cold in winter and that’s to sample one of Hangzhou’s famous hot pot restaurants. To add some spice to your winter days, then visit any one of the following locations.

La Fu

If you love spicy food then La Fu is for you. The fresh spicy fish slices, shrimp paste, beef tripe and duck intestines, as well as the intriguing chopsticks, are what makes La Fu special, and whilst the strong aromas and sizzling flavors will have you in tears you will soon be crying to come back for more.

Sichuan Xiang Tian Xia

This restaurant offers the famous Sichuan hot pot. It is highly recommended that you try their two-flavor soup base (Mandarin Duck Pot) which is tasty even without any seasoning.

Chao Niu Hai Ji

This hot pot restaurant, always crowded, is a popular choice for both locals and visitors. It is highly recommended that you try their handmade meatballs which are the size of a table tennis ball but don’t fret as the only direction they will be bouncing in, is direct to you.
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Ho Ho Ho Hangzhou

Whilst the outside temperature is dropping, the festive atmosphere here in Hangzhou is nicely warming up. Choose any one of the following and this Christmas Hangzhou will definitely leave you feeling ho ho ho.

Dragon Hotel - European Christmas Fair

Starting on Christmas Eve, seven European countries, eight amazing Christmas fair destinations and over a hundred traditional European Christmas foods are waiting for you to explore their authentic European Christmas charms.
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Holiday Inn Hangzhou Xiaoshan Christmas Special

In the hotel, besides savoring the tantalizing Christmas feast, you will also be able to enjoy a splendid performance by a choir and live band, and if you are lucky enough you may be winning gifts from the lucky draw.
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2016 Hangzhou Theater Christmas Parent-Child Carnival

The hot springs are outdoor carbonated springs and the most enjoyable thing to do here is to soak in the hot spring, admire the starry sky and listen to the soft music. In addition to the hot spring guests can also have fun with skating, archery and a grass slide.
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