Chrysanthemum Carnival in Full Bloom
Chrysanthemum blooms when everything else has withered, hence being viewed as a symbol of longevity, and viewing chrysanthemum has now become a classic pastime. Currently in Hangzhou there is an opportunity to go and view 800 species of chrysanthemum.
  Lamb Hot Pot Festival Sizzles Again
The traditional “Taoyangguo(lamb hot pot) ” is cooked with water from a well which is then heated in a wooden pot. The ingredients, stewed underneath a stone for two hours, are then seasoned with fennel, cinnamon, ginger and yellow wine. The tradition of eating this kind of hot pot has become a unique farm-flavored food culture.
  A Refreshing European-Style Theme Park to Launch in Hangzhou
Karls Freizeitparks originates from Germany and is one of the most successful theme parks for children and families in Europe. Originally starting as a strawberry farm in 1921, Karls gradually developed into a theme park for the farming and countryside market. Now Karls has seven parks in Europe.
  Reeds in Xixi Wetland – Be the First to Read it Here
Xixi wetland has one of the best autumn views in Hangzhou which is particularly noted for its eye-catching reeds that flourish in November. During this season it’s not unfamiliar to see boats drifting along the reticular river channels and swilling out the water birds hiding in the nearby reeds, whose flowers waft in the air like snowflakes, and the Autumn Reeds Snow is praised as one of the New Ten scenes of Xixi.
  International Tourism Festival Uncovers More Charm
The red maples in Zhinan Village, the greenway in Qiandao Lake, the oranges in Sandu Town, and the river products in Liuxi River all contribute to Hangzhou’s golden season and, of course, add more charm to the 2016 Hangzhou West Lake Expo International Tourism Festival.
A Warm Welcome to Hangzhou Leisure and Healthy Season

A Warm Welcome to Hangzhou Leisure and Healthy Season Next Week, Hangzhou will be hit with a cold weather spell - sending the mercury reading down to single digits. So let’s give Hangzhou’s annual leisure and healthy season a warm welcome and get set to indulge in a variety of activities, healthy foods, traditional Chinese medicines, exercises and beauty treatments. MORE


Daming Mountain Wansongling Skiing Resort

Daming Mountain Wansong Skiing Resort is located inside the breath-taking Daming Mountain Scenic Area, which has an altitude of 1200 meters. Its slide way is 1,000 meters in length and 100 meters in width and with a height difference of up to 100 meters. The ski resort occupies an area of 100,000 sq m and offers separate zones for skiers of different levels such as a zone for medium-level skiers, junior-level skiers, and practice runs purely for fun.It offers a skiing service for 3000 people at a time.

Address: Baiguo Village, Qingliang Peak, Lin’an

Tel: 86-571-63709588

Diaoyu (Angling) Islet in Qiandao Lake

With over 1,000 standard angling seats Diaoyu is home to an abundance of fish with dozens of other wild and wonderful species also available.

Add: No. 1250 Huanhu North Road, Qiandaohu Town, Chun’an

Tel: 86-571-65092828

Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Hu Qing Yu Tang Pharmacy

Founded by the famous late Qing official and businessman – Hu Xueyan, Hu Qing Yu Tang collects hundreds of traditional Chinese materials which include ginseng, deer antler velvet and edible bird’s nest, and which are made into different forms in order to work better with the human body.

The 140-year-old traditional Chinese pharmacy has become a significant venue to protect, inherit, develop and spread the over 5000-year-old Chinese traditional medicine culture and in the meantime is a great place for a healthy/Wellness tour.

Add: No. 95 Dayanjing Lane, Shangcheng District



Nine of the Most Beautiful Hot Springs near Hangzhou

As the weather gets colder we try to imagine it being warmer. Well, there is no need to imagine anymore as now you can dive into nine of the most beautiful hot springs near Hangzhou. Soaking up the tranquil waters as well as the surrounding scenery is, surely, a warm welcome to any winter’s day. MORE

Huzhou Moon Hot Spring

Huzhou Moon Hot Spring is on the south bank of Taihu Lake and its architecture is in a Southeastern Asian style. Entering the hot spring area is like taking an adventure into the forest in Southeast Asia. Guests can enjoy the refreshing scent of plants as well as the warm spring water and the best time for enjoying the Huzhou Moon Hot Spring is at night under the moonlit sky.

Price: 368 RMB per person

Address: No. 5858 Taihu Road, Wuxing District

Jiangnan Tianchi Hot Spring

Jiangnan Tianchi Hot Spring lies in Anji, the home of bamboo. Remember the amazing shots in the movie Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon? Well this is that place. The road to Jiangnan Tianchi is flanked by thick bamboo forest and this beautiful landscape makes the journey here all the more pleasant. The hot spring is on the top of Tianhuangping Mountain, the first night park in China.

The hot springs are outdoor carbonated springs and the most enjoyable thing to do here is to soak in the hot spring, admire the starry sky and listen to the soft music. In addition to the hot spring guests can also have fun with skating, archery and a grass slide.

Price: 198 RMB per person

Address: Tianhuangping, Anji

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